Wim Hof Method
Practice Wim Hof method Fundamentals
40 Lessons
Length 11:44:24
Beginner level
German French Espanol Portuguese (Brazil)

Fundamentals Video Course

  • 10 theme-based group video classes 
  • Professional yoga stretch classes 
  • One-on-One guided audio sessions 
  • Homework assignments 
  • Workbook 
  • Directly accessible from the WHM app
  • Available in German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese 


Learn the Wim Hof Method® through a series of fun, weekly video lessons taught by the Iceman himself.

The Fundamentals course is an online course that teaches you the Wim Hof Method® through a series of fun and easy instructional videos. Wim Hof teaches you the power of the breath and cold, guiding you every step of the way on a natural path to strength, health and happiness.

Each week starts with a group lesson centered around a weekly theme in which the Wim Hof Method® can positively impact your life. Certified yogi Mariken limbers you up with a series of stretch exercises, before Wim takes you through the techniques. You then reinforce your practice with homework assignments, extra videos, and a workbook to log your progress.

A new video is unlocked each week and remains available indefinitely, so you can take as long as you need to complete the course, and revisit the material as often as you like.

As you make your way through the course, you develop a consistent practice that you can sustain on your own when the course has finished.

This course comes with 10 One-on-One guided audio breathing sessions, accessed via the Wim Hof Method mobile app - so you can take your practice anywhere.

The course also includes 1-year free access to the premium features of the WHM app, which would otherwise be €38.99 when purchased as a subscription through the app store.* What's more, Fundamentals and Power of the Mind course owners gain exclusive access to additional interactive guided breathing protocols in the app, such as Power Breathing, Hangover and Brown Fat Activation!



Spoken language

This is the original English version of the course. The Fundamentals course is also available in the following languages:



Fundamentals vs Classic course

The Fundamentals Course is the newer one of two video courses we offer. It offers extra features including breathing sessions guided by Wim, and variations on the breathing and cold exposure techniques. The Classic 10-Week Video Course is the original; it’s Wim teaching the method in a no frills, straight forward manner (only available in English language). Check out the side-by-side comparison of the video courses if you're not sure which one is for you.


*Please note that this 1-year of free access to the premium features exists separately from, and would run concurrently with, any subscription that you may already have via Google Play or the Apple Store. Please make sure to cancel your app subscription and/or stop autorenewal, upon purchase of the Fundamentals course.

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3 Lessons
Introduction Wim Hof Method Video Course
Safety Video
Go Deep
3 Lessons
Go Deep - Group Lesson
Go Deep - Home Work
Go Deep - Stretches
Stress Control
3 Lessons
Stress Control - Group lesson
Stress Control - Homework
Stress Control - Stretches
Energy Management
3 Lessons
Energy Management - Group Class
Energy Management - Home Work
Energy Management - Stretches
3 Lessons
Inflammation - Group Class
Inflammation - Homework
Inflammation - Stretches
3 Lessons
Endurance - Group Class
Endurance - Homework
Endurance - Stretches
3 Lessons
Longevity - Group Class
Longevity - Homework
Longevity - Stretches
Under Pressure
3 Lessons
Under Pressure - Group Class
Under Pressure - Homework
Under Pressure - Stretches
3 Lessons
Spirituality - Group Class
Spirituality - Homework
Spirituality - Stretches
3 Lessons
Creativity - Group Class
Creativity - Homework
Creativity - Stretches
Life Adventure
3 Lessons
Life Adventure - Group Class
Life Adventure - Homework
Life Adventure - Stretches
Thank You!
1 Lessons
Thank you and congratulations!
3 Lessons
Breathing for Beginners (3 Rounds Slow Pace)
Guided Breathing — 4 Rounds
Double your push-ups in 4 minutes
Educative Animations
1 Lessons
Motivation and Experiences of Wim Hof Method Practitioners
2 Lessons
The Superhuman World of Wim Hof: The Iceman
Yes Theory: Becoming Superhuman with Iceman Wim Hof

Here's what others have to say

Grant, Testimonial Wim Hof
Grant, Australia
I was born with Spina Bifida, and was told I would end up in a wheelchair. After incorporating the Wim Hof Method into my daily life I have begun to see results in my pain levels and athleticism. I am no longer looking down the barrel of becoming a paraplegic, and I attribute that in part to the...
Witske, Testimonial Wim Hof
Witske, The Netherlands
The reason I started the course is because I was curious about the effects it would have on my arthritis and my energy level. To my surprise the arthritis in my hands totally disappeared and my energy level went over the roof. Every morning my husband and I do the WHM and we feel so...
Ida, Testimonial Wim Hof
Ida, USA
A few years back I was rushed to hospital with an afib (fast heart beat). After going through many tests, I realized the answers to healing are within us. My search brought me outside of the traditional medical system and I learned about Wim. By doing my daily exercices and taking cold showers...
Heather, Testimonial Wim Hof
Heather, UK
Doing the Wim Hof Fundamentals Course was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I did it to test my commitment level to pushing myself even when nobody was watching. Ultimately the end result of sticking to the daily practices enabled me to use what I learned not only in my pursuit of...
Petri, Testimonial Wim Hof
Petri, Finland
I have been doing Wim Hof Method 2+ years. I started the Fundamentals course because I wanted to deepen my practice. I had a burnout and problems with my lower back and health in general. It was possible for me to get off all the painkillers after the first week and haven't needed them since....
Jason, Testimonial Wim Hof
Jason, Canada
I was trying to overcome debilitating depression and anxiety. Depression is gone and anxiety for the most part under control. I changed my career and pursued a much more meaningful endeavour that I enjoy, my connection to family and friends are deeper. I am much more aware &...
Lucas, Testimonial Wim Hof
Lucas, Argentina
I was being consumed by day to day situations with work and personal relationships. I discovered the Wim Hof Method as support for a changing lifestyle. The most powerful use I have found for the breathing method is for hiking in altitude; it has helped me conquer Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. Anyone...
Radoslav, Testimonial Wim Hof
Radoslav, Slovakia
I started with cold exposure 7 years ago. I wanted to upgrade my skills as a long distance runner. I am so happy that 3 years ago I started the Wim Hof Method. Since I am doing Wim Hof Method I haven't been sick at all and my running results are far better than before.
Jerzy, Testimonial Wim Hof
Jerzy, Poland
I started the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals course to boost my immune system. It helped a lot during the last two winters. No flu, no cold. When it comes to boosting the immune system it is a great outcome for relatively light effort and I also have a better attitude to everyday life.
Leona, Testimonial Wim Hof
Leona, Czech Republic
I started the Fundamentals course because I wanted to get healthier in general plus experience something new and challenging. I fell in love with the Wim Hof Method and am breathing and cold bathing regularly. I love the combination of breathing, cold exposure and exercising.
Hannes, Testimonial Wim Hof
Hannes, Italy
A friend told me about the Wim Hof Method and I tried the breathing. I felt that this was what I was looking for. Cold showers were the most challenging for me. I kept going and after 3 months my chronic pain decreased. What I love the most about this method is that Wim doesn’t make a...
Vasek, Testimonial Wim Hof
Vasek, Czech Republic
I started to practice the Wim Hof Method a year ago and now start each day with the breathing exercise and a bath in an outside pool - all year long. This ritual gives me a perfect start and relieves me from stress, no matter how hard the day is ahead of me. I feel more relaxed, confident and...
Erlend, Testimonial Wim Hof
Erlend, Norway
I started the Fundamentals course as I was interested in building cold tolerance. The 10 min cold shower was a strange experience. I was just really surprised that this would be doable. I think also just getting so used to the cold seemed to make me more present. Since completing the course...
Nia, Testimonial Wim Hof
Nia, UK
I discovered Wim Hof after listening to the Russel Brand podcast and was intrigued about how such an ‘ancient meets modern’ technique might be able to help me with both my mental and physical health. As well as noticing benefits to my mood and slowly getting used to the cold...
Benjamin Testimonial Wim Hof
I started the Wim Hof method in October of 2018, and now the holes I had in my brain are gone. My neurosurgeon was so impressed by the scans that he told me I don't have to come back anymore. I take this as proof that this method works to regenerate brain tissue.

Start your journey with the Wim Hof Method today!