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Podcasts & Video Productions
The Wim Hof Podcast

How do we make the world a stronger, healthier and happier place? We can’t do it alone, and it’s hubris to think that we have nothing left to learn. Wisdom comes from being open to new perspectives, and Wim Hof gained his deep knowledge through ardent curiosity and forever remaining a student.

In the Wim Hof Podcast, he invites people from all walks of life for a series of mutually enlightening conversations. What have these guests learned from Wim and his method, and what insight can the Iceman glean from them?

It all starts by breaking the ice.

Television & Video

A selection of video productions showcasing Wim, his method and his mission.
YES Theory: Becoming Superhuman
Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu
BBC: Inside the Human Body
VICE Iceman Documentary
Discovery Channel: Superhuman


A selection of some of our favourite podcast appearances.

For more podcasts featuring Wim, visit the official Wim Hof Method Soundcloud channel.

Under the Skin #70 with Russell Brand
The Rich Roll Podcast #406
School of Greatness #799 with Lewis Howes
The Tim Ferriss Show #102
The Joe Rogan Experience #712
Tangentially Speaking #348 with Chris Ryan

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