Wim Hof Method Mobile App

Wim Hof Method Mobile App

The perfect partner to your Wim Hof Method practice.

Take Wim with you wherever you go

Intuitive, developed with user feedback, and jam-packed with features, the WHM app is the ultimate companion to your practice.

Get the free base version, or subscribe to unlock a wealth of premium features. Download the app from the Apple or Google Play store and start your exercises today!

Available on Google Play or the iTunes store.

Free features

  • View instructional videos for breathing, cold shower, and several yoga exercises
  • Time your exercises with the stopwatch
  • Log your results with the interactive calendar
  • View your progress with an intuitive visual graph
  • Earn badges for unlocking achievements
  • Access your online video course content directly through the app
  • Fundamentals course owners get access to guided audio breathing sessions
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Subscription features

  • Community: Share your exercises and cheer on your friends with the Community feature
  • Podcast: Play Wim Hof Podcast episodes directly through the app
  • Iceman speaks: Listen to bitesize chapters of Wim narrating his book The Wim Hof Method
  • Get access to additional exercises, including the ice bath, and an expanding range of yoga exercises
  • Do the 30-Day Audio Challenge: follow Wim on a narrative journey as you gradually extend your WHM practice
  • Set reminders for your preferred exercises
  • Follow 'Wim's Routine': complete monthlong health and fitness challenges to hone your commitment
  • Keep your breathing sessions in rhythm with the customizable Guided Breathing Bubble
  • Build up your cold tolerance with the customizable 20-Day Cold Shower Challenge
  • Maximize your immersion with the new dark mode
  • Link your smartwatch to monitor your heartrate, and measure other biometrics with future updates
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Get the free app now on Google Play or the iTunes store.
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