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What is the Wim Hof Method?

Discover more about this simple yet powerful method and start practicing today.

The Wim Hof method can be defined by its simple, easy-to-apply approach and its strong scientific foundation. It’s a practical way to become happier, healthier and stronger.
realise your full potential

Realise your full potential

Over time, our relationship with the world we live in has changed. Our lifestyles have disconnected us from the natural environment.

Because of this disconnection, our age-old survival mechanisms are no longer triggered and we’ve lost touch with our inner power.

Through decades of self-exploration and groundbreaking scientific studies, Wim has created a simple, effective way to stimulate these deep physiological processes and realise our full potential.

The Wim Hof Method is about reconnecting us - to ourselves, to others and to nature.

The Method is based on three powerful pillars


The second pillar of the wim hof method is breathing. We’re always breathing, yet we’re mostly unaware of its tremendous potential. Heightened oxygen levels hold a treasure trove of benefits, and the specialized breathing technique of the Wim Hof Method unearths them all: more energy, reduced stress levels, and an augmented immune response that swiftly deals with pathogens.

Cold therapy

The cold is your warm friend and one of the three pillars of the wim hof method . Proper exposure to the cold starts a cascade of health benefits, including the buildup of brown adipose tissue and resultant fat loss, reduced inflammation that facilitates a fortified immune system, balanced hormone levels, improved sleep quality, and the production of endorphins— the feel - good chemicals in the brain that naturally elevate your mood


The third pillar of the wim hof method is the foundation of the other two: both cold exposure and conscious breathing require patience and dedication in order to be fully mastered. Armed with focus and determination you are ready to explore and eventually master your own body and mind.

Unlock the benefits

The power of the Wim Hof Method is the combination of the three pillars. A committed, consistent practice including the breathing technique and cold exposure can help you unlock a host of benefits including;

  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Heightened focus & determination
  • Increased willpower
  • Stronger immune system
unlock the benefits

Start practicing the method

Wim’s mission is to share the power of breathing, cold exposure and commitment with as many people as possible.

That's why we offer a range of ways to help you learn the Wim Hof Method. If you’re new, we recommend downloading the mobile app or signing up to the mini class.

Or explore ways you can take your practice deeper below.

Looking to go deeper?

Been practicing with the mobile app for sometime or maybe you’re an all-or-nothing, jump in with both feet kind of person?

We’ve got a range of ways for you to immerse yourself in the Wim Hof Method; learn from home with our online video courses; get in-person coaching from a local certified instructor; be part of a life-changing retreat; or experience Wim Hof live.

Find the way that suits you below.

Learn from home

Learn from home

We offer two different 10-week online video courses. Both are suitable for all levels and are fully integrated into the mobile app.

Take a fun, easy to follow journey into the what & why with the Fundamentals Course, or take a more self-guided approach and learn the old school Wim Hof Method with the Classic Course.

Learn near you

Learn near you

Come and enjoy the energy of a group breathing session and feel the support of the tribe in the ice during an in-person workshop or week-long retreat.

Guided by certified instructors, these activities are an excellent way to explore the Wim Hof Method, for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike.

Learn from Wim

Learn from Wim

See Wim live across Europe, North America or Australia, join him for a weekend in The Netherlands or book a spot on one of the coveted week-long expeditions.

You’ll be won over by Wim and carried away by his energy and enthusiasm during these one-of-a-kind events.

Backed by science

Backed by science

Discover Wim's journey from circus act to the scientific breakthrough that kick-started his mission and propelled him to becoming a global health leader.

For many years Wim’s incredible achievements were thought scientifically impossible and he was viewed as nothing more than a circus act. Things quickly changed in 2011 following the first Radboud University study which showed he was able to voluntarily influence his autonomic nervous system.

Since then Wim has continued to submit himself and his method for scientific study and research institutions continue to explore the potential of the Wim Hof Method.

View the scientific research to date and download a comprehensive eBook on the science behind the Wim Hof Method by visiting the science page.

Hear from Hoffers

Discover below about the impact the Wim Hof Method has on our community or read why these people make the Wim Hof Method part of their life.

Tineke, The Netherlands

I have severe arthritis in my left hip. By implementing the Wim Hof Method in my daily life, I can deal with this without getting surgery. I love Wim’s purity. His coaching inspires me and gives me energy. I’m almost 66 years old and by practicing the Wim Hof Method I feel much more...

Albert, The Netherlands

For 12 years now I have had rheumatism. Thanks to the Wim Hof Method I have been able to halve the amount of anti-inflammatory drugs. My goal is to completely stop the use of anti-inflammatory drugs after finishing the video course.

Aivar, Estonia

I am 52 years old, and after 10 weeks of the Wim Hof Method I am in the best shape I have ever been. I did 30 push-ups as a test before I started the course, and when I finished I did 100 push-ups for the first time in my life. The Wim Hof Method gives you a good mood, it’s addictive!

Monic, The Netherlands

It’s only been 4 weeks since I started, but the results are remarkable! Thank you from the heart for changing my life, my health, and my understanding about my own power and the influence I have on this. I’m looking forward to a nice cold winter in the Netherlands.

Mino, Germany

Learning Wim’s method is like studying from one of nature’s best students. My life long fear of cold is history. I now fully enjoy cold immersions, but the benefits are not limited to cold. I am now a better person and a happier being. I smile when facing life challenges.


After 8 months of daily Hoffing, puffing and cold showers I can claim to be cured of my 5 year burnout. Not having had a single cold or flu, my sore knee is working perfectly again, which was very painful the last 2 years. It is like a miracle, and I’m really grateful that our paths crossed.

Franco, USA

Wim I hope to train with you someday. I love to jump into that cold water and climb that mountain with you. Your method has truly helped me with psoriatic arthritis. I am no longer taking Humira injections for my symptoms. I am controlling it with breathing, cold showers and ice baths.

Matthew, Australia

I would have paid $10,000 for this, but that would not be enough because this has changed my life. I feel like I have taken Valium yet am supercharged. As a clinical psychologist my days can be very stressful. There is a stillness inside me now, and what I am really amazed by is the peace lasts.

Per Kristian, United Kingdom

After 3 weeks of daily practicing my medication (Naproxen) for long-standing sciatica has been cut by 80%, and my arm pain and 'pins and needles' following a neck injury 50 years ago has been halved!

Arthur, USA

I got anxiety 2+ years ago, and have had panic attacks every day since. Medicine helped a little. I came across your videos and started to walk my 2 miles a day in only a t-shirt at 20F degrees. Within 2 weeks my anxiety went away! I found it to be a miracle.

James, USA

I’ve had astonishing results battling addiction with the Wim Hof Method. It has saved my life and is the only thing that worked on getting clean and healthy. I go ahead and get my suffering over with in the cold showers, so I don't have to suffer throughout the day. Pretty good trade to...

Georg, Germany

Cardiac and respiratory arrest began my life. Heart defect and cleft palate pushed diseases. Depression, lack of self-efficacy, and post traumatic stress disorder followed. The Wim Hof Method frees me: I am twenty-nine years old, and I love to live. Thank you!

Grant, Australia

I was born with Spina Bifida, and was told I would end up in a wheelchair. After incorporating the Wim Hof Method into my daily life I have begun to see results in my pain levels and athleticism. I am no longer looking down the barrel of becoming a paraplegic, and I attribute that in part to the...

Raúl, The Netherlands

From the 90s to 2012 I developed hayfever symptoms and had to take daily medications in order to cope. The effect of these medications only lasted for several hours. By using the Wim Hof Method training daily, my body has conquered hayfever symptoms since 2013.

Michael, Canada

I took the course to help with my depression. Life is different now because Wim taught me the beauty in it. That deep inside there is a light within us all. When I stop practising, life can get hard but when I do a few rounds it brings tears and bliss! Cold showers make me feel strong and...

Erik, USA

I chose the Fundamentals course because I wanted to learn the how and the why to the method. The biggest change I noticed is my mindset. Instead of reading the thermometer and cringing, I see it as an opportunity to endure some short-term discomfort for long-term health benefits.

Witske, The Netherlands

The reason I started the course is because I was curious about the effects it would have on my arthritis and my energy level. To my surprise the arthritis in my hands totally disappeared and my energy level went over the roof. Every morning my husband and I do the WHM and we feel so...

Ida, USA

A few years back I was rushed to hospital with an afib (fast heart beat). After going through many tests, I realized the answers to healing are within us. My search brought me outside of the traditional medical system and I learned about Wim. By doing my daily exercices and taking cold showers...

Martin, The Netherlands

I led a stressful life with a busy mind and had issues with sleeping. Now I love the cold showers, swimming in the cold North Sea in winter and ice baths. The fundamental course is a perfect investment. It’s a perfect tool to control stress, power up and master the Wim Hof Method online.

Oskar, USA

After my week in Poland, I decided to jump into the Fundamentals course. I wanted to go more in depth of what we are capable of doing if we commit to something, and learn how much our body is capable of accomplishing. Spiritually, my mind and body have been at their best stage in my entire life....

Heather, UK

Doing the Wim Hof Fundamentals Course was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I did it to test my commitment level to pushing myself even when nobody was watching. Ultimately the end result of sticking to the daily practices enabled me to use what I learned not only in my pursuit of...

Johnny, UK

The Wim Hof Method has now been part of my daily routine for over 2 years and the transformation has been amazing. My anxiety levels have reduced significantly and I now lead a much more fulfilling life where I regularly take on challenges I would never have dreamt possible.

Dion, USA

This man literally changed my life for the better and I will tell anybody and everybody this! My picture was taken after completing the Fundamentals course. Pretty good for a 50 year old.  

Petri, Finland

I have been doing Wim Hof Method 2+ years. I started the Fundamentals course because I wanted to deepen my practice. I had a burnout and problems with my lower back and health in general. It was possible for me to get off all the painkillers after the first week and haven't needed them since....

Jason, Canada

I was trying to overcome debilitating depression and anxiety. Depression is gone and anxiety for the most part under control. I changed my career and pursued a much more meaningful endeavour that I enjoy, my connection to family and friends are deeper. I am much more aware &...

Dan, Australia

I started doing wim hof breathing during a 7 week canoe trip and have never looked back. It has allowed me to overcome chronic fatigue, depression, IBS and several orthopaedic injuries (one which I had been told would never recover without surgery). I share Wim Hof Method with everyone who will...

Lucas, Argentina

I was being consumed by day to day situations with work and personal relationships. I discovered the Wim Hof Method as support for a changing lifestyle. The most powerful use I have found for the breathing method is for hiking in altitude; it has helped me conquer Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. Anyone...

Radoslav, Slovakia

I started with cold exposure 7 years ago. I wanted to upgrade my skills as a long distance runner. I am so happy that 3 years ago I started the Wim Hof Method. Since I am doing Wim Hof Method I haven't been sick at all and my running results are far better than before.

Jerzy, Poland

I started the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals course to boost my immune system. It helped a lot during the last two winters. No flu, no cold. When it comes to boosting the immune system it is a great outcome for relatively light effort and I also have a better attitude to everyday life.

Leona, Czech Republic

I started the Fundamentals course because I wanted to get healthier in general plus experience something new and challenging. I fell in love with the Wim Hof Method and am breathing and cold bathing regularly. I love the combination of breathing, cold exposure and exercising.


After learning about Wim, I bought the Fundamentals course and started on an amazing journey. This course made me aware of my limited time left on this planet and that there was no excuse not to get started, so I jumped right in! I’ve realised I’m able to lift my spirits and energy...

Hannes, Italy

A friend told me about the Wim Hof Method and I tried the breathing. I felt that this was what I was looking for. Cold showers were the most challenging for me. I kept going and after 3 months my chronic pain decreased. What I love the most about this method is that Wim doesn’t make a...

Vasek, Czech Republic

I started to practice the Wim Hof Method a year ago and now start each day with the breathing exercise and a bath in an outside pool - all year long. This ritual gives me a perfect start and relieves me from stress, no matter how hard the day is ahead of me. I feel more relaxed, confident and...

Erlend, Norway

I started the Fundamentals course as I was interested in building cold tolerance. The 10 min cold shower was a strange experience. I was just really surprised that this would be doable. I think also just getting so used to the cold seemed to make me more present. Since completing the course...

Nia, UK

I discovered Wim Hof after listening to the Russel Brand podcast and was intrigued about how such an ‘ancient meets modern’ technique might be able to help me with both my mental and physical health. As well as noticing benefits to my mood and slowly getting used to the cold...


My Fundamentals course experience introduced me to another life: The breath technique became more like a ritual for me. I can now stay in near-freezing water for minutes. I feel no cold, I feel amazing and relaxed. It helps me to connect my brain to the body and to be connected with the Earth,...

Sander, The Netherlands

I have been taking cold showers almost every morning for 2 years. It gives me a good feeling starting my day with a victory, even though it is not something I always find pleasant. It is an exercise that helps you the rest of your life, with stress, panic and fear. I recommend it to everyone...

Bruno, Portugal

In 2016 I finished my Masters with a burnout and depression. I started practicing yoga and cold showers. I have also have asthma and chronic back pain. The cold showers after yoga do wonders, it brings me back to my old self, energized. I wanted to share exactly why I practice the Wim Hof...

Catherine, Sweden

I've been dealing with stress & anxiety most of my life. A few years ago I went through several traumatic events. That's when I found Wim and his method! I feel stable, strong and happy in a whole new way. For the first time ever, I feel trust in myself and in life because I know...

Manuel, USA

Wim Hof Method has given me very good tools to understand the real science behind the relationship of body-mind-spirit. I started to follow the Wim Hof Method deeply. I liked it very much and I really learned a lot. I liked the simple, human Wim Hof. I practice as much as I can: breathing,...


I've been suffering from headaches & migraines for 30 years. I came across Wim Hof and in the following weeks the pain attacks were reduced and for the last 3 months I haven't had any severe headaches. After decades of pain I have discovered the power to heal myself. This...

Vlastimil, Czech Republic

I didn’t know much about Wim Hof. Out of curiosity I joined the Mini Class. Wow, amazing! Body and soul, healing and challenging, calming and energising, all in one. Now, after 6 months of practising, with the Fundamental video course, I am discovering new things and being able to perform...


Wim Hof is brilliant. He should get the Nobel Prize for “Inner Peace".

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