Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof Method Locations

Stroe, the Netherlands

The Wim Hof Method Center in Stroe is our state of the art facility, designed to optimize and finetune your Wim Hof Method practice.

Features include a dedicated breathing slash yoga space, cryo chamber, and sauna. The center is surrounded by Wim’s exotic garden, as well as a big forest right off the driveway, balancing out all those modern gadgets. 

Wim can be found at the center hosting weekend-long workshops with his daughter Laura.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Studio

This project is under construction, and once completed will reveal a brand new Wim Hof Studio smack in the middle of Amsterdam.

The studio will feature breathing, ice bath, and meditation spaces to accommodate all manner of Wim Hof Method workshops and activities.

Meanwhile, you can already enjoy workshops here at the delicate hands of Icedaughter Laura Hof.

Przesieka, Poland

Przesieka is the cradle of Wim Hof Method training. Few images are more iconic than Wim traversing Poland’s snowcapped peaks in shorts. This is where Wim bought a house in which he recorded his first video course, and where VICE visited to shoot their famous documentary

Today, we continue to host 5-day excursions in the snow, led by Wim or Laura Hof. No place is more suited to making the noble Cold your warm friend than the crisp mountain air & icy springwater of the Polish tundra.

Las Peñas de Riglos, Spain

Spain has welcomed us with its mediterranean hospitality for more than a decade, but we have always been guests. With the recent acquisition of a tract of land in the bosom of the Spanish Pyrenees, we are literally laying the foundations for a brand new headquarters: Mayos de Hof, that we can truly call home.

The future is bright and vast for the new Summer Expeditions, as hundreds of acres of virgin forest, creeks and rock formations are now officially Wim Hof Method playground.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — Office

Right on the quaint moats of Amsterdam lies the central nervous system of all WHM operations. The “Hoffice” embodies the spirit of Wim Hof himself: always busy, but never too self-serious. An open mindset of growth, self-examination and reinvention. And lots of plants.

Meet the scallywag crew that dwells these hallways. Think you would fit well with this bunch? If there’s any vacant seats they’ll be here.