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Wim Hof Experience

Wim Hof Experience

Having grown popular worldwide, Wim tries to visit as many countries as he can to spread his love and share his message.

In these one-of-a-kind events, Wim takes you on a personal journey. With his singular, hypnotizing voice, he illustrates not just the three pillars of his Method—breathing technique, cold exposure, and mindset— but also what led to its birth, how far it has come, and where it is now headed.

Wim covers all the aspects of life that his Method can positively impact, including sports performance and a wide range of physical and mental ailments. A guest speaker Is typically invited to elaborate on the fascinating physiology that makes this all possible.

A breathing session breaks up the talks, and the day is capped off with a voluntary ice bath.

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Travel with Wim

Catering to those who are looking for the ultimate Wim Hof Method experience, our flagship Expeditions provide an adventure that goes above and beyond any workshop.

You will be supervised by experienced mentors, accompanied by likeminded yet unique individuals, and immersed in natural surroundings. Together, these synergistically combine to form the ideal environment in which to get to that stillest of mind states.

Wim leads the Expeditions, while a group of veteran WHM Instructors help him shepherd the roughly 100 participants as they dive ever deeper into the WHM over the course of the week.

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Weekend with Wim

Held at the state-of-the-art Wim Hof Method Centre in Stroe, The Netherlands, these weekend-long events are for true Wim Hof Method aficionados looking for a deeper level to their practice.

Over the course of two days, Wim will personally teach you just how far a trained mind can go. Learn how to get to a mental state that allows you to harness uncomfortable external stimuli, and leverage them to your physical and psychological benefit. Then put it all into practice by joining Wim in a variety of physical exercises, breathing sessions and ice baths.

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Wim Hof LIVE

Join Wim Hof as he streams a full day of breathing, cold exposure and other WHM goodness, live from the WHM Center straight to your living room. Plug into both Wim and your fellow participants from across the world.

There are currently no scheduled Wim Hof LIVE events.

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