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Wim Hof Experience

Unleash your potential with the legendary Wim Hof

Nothing quite compares to experiencing Wim Hof in person. His radiant energy is infectious and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

You can experience that energy, and learn firsthand from the one and only Iceman, during various different events throughout the year.

Strap in for an all day extravaganza at the Wim Hof Experience

At the Wim Hof Experience, Wim Hof himself takes you on a thrilling journey through the epic history, science, and practice of his method, all in one fun-packed day.

Get his firsthand account of the extraordinary road that led to the birth of the Iceman. Find out how the Wim Hof Method supercharges your cells in a fascinating yet easy to understand presentation. And finally experience this power for yourself, as expert instructors guide you through Wim's famous breathing session and ice bath.

Wim Hof on stage

Join Wim Hof on his life-changing Expeditions

Twice yearly Wim Hof travels to his two favorite destinations to teach his method, as part of the biannual Expeditions. The classic version takes place in wintry Poland around February, and a laid-back summer edition is held in sun-kissed Spain in July.

These are our most popular events, and for good reason. With the expeditions you get a week's worth of Wim Hof Method training sprinkled with a wide variety of fun outdoor activities. Connect with cultures from all across the world, and together explore the limits of your body & the resilience of your mind, with Wim Hof at the helm.

Experience the ultimate Wim Hof Method Weekend retreat

When he is not hosting a Wim Hof Experience or Expedition, Wim can be found at the Wim Hof Method Center in the Netherlands for a ‘WHM Weekend’.

These are two-day training camps that offer a more intimate experience than the bigger scale expeditions. The center is perfectly suited for Wim Hof Method practice, as it’s surrounded by tranquil forest and equipped with a wide range of facilities, such as a dedicated breathing slash yoga space, cryo chamber, sauna, and the iconic rocky waterfall that Wim is known to take daredevil dives off of.

Experience the power of the Wim Hof Method at home: Join Wim Hof LIVE!

Of course not everyone can travel to these faraway places, but everyone should be able to get a piece of Wim.

In these live streams you enjoy a full WHM program at the hands of the Iceman, without ever leaving your home. Follow Wim’s deep voice from your couch as he guides your breathing. Take a cold shower in the bathroom you know and love. And don’t forget to ask Wim all your burning questions via the chat feature!

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