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30 September, 2022 - news

Meditation exercises for different purposes

Did you know that there are different types of meditation exercises that serve different purposes? We cover some of them in this blog post.

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10 November, 2017

Learn to read what is already written in your genes

Hana Moravčíková offers a prelude to her full written account of the 2016 Winter Expedition.

3 November, 2017


Seeking a meditative state to massage the ‘now’ area of the brain, and shift the balance away from the part that governs fear and future.

27 October, 2017

A Newfound Backbone

Michael McTate threw everything but the kitchen sink at his lower back, but only oxygen and cold were able to straighten things out.

20 October, 2017

The Natural Painkiller

Tom Stijven tried everything under the sun to manage his fibromyalgia. Then he discovered the WHM.

14 October, 2017

Searching​ ​for​ ​Cold​ ​Waters​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Pacific​ ​Northwest

Martial artist & WHM Instructor Matt Soule hated the cold. That is, until he heard about "this crazy Dutchman"...

2 October, 2017

Science on the Rocks

WHM Instructor Matthias has started a podcast focused on the science behind the Wim Hof Method. Read the story that led him there, in his own words.

1 September, 2017

How to Ditch Friends and Influence Weight

Choose a circle of influence that supports your healthy eating.

31 August, 2017

Three steps to increase your happiness

How the Wim Hof Method can make you happier

14 August, 2017

Shortcut Twenty Years in a Monastery by This Simple Hack

Shock your body into presence to overcome your vices.