Wim Hof Method

5 Tips to Help You Start the Wim Hof Method

5 October, 2018
By Bo van Alst

Some people are naturally disciplined to do what they’ve committed to. Others need a bit of extra help to get started and keep going. Well if there’s one thing the WHM has taught me, it is discipline— in a brutal and beautiful way. As the method is starting to become a part of my being, I like to share my experience through 5 tips that may help you on your way.

1. First of all: Commit. Decide that this is what you want to do, and decide it fully. You can only do this if you know what you’re doing. So visit the WIm Hof YouTube channel; try the free MiniClass; scroll through the Wim Hof Method Facebook page; read the comprehensive e-book about the science behind the breathing and cold. Dive into it— this is a fun, interesting and ongoing journey.

2. Start with a single step, and take your time if you need to. You may want to start with just a breathing session every other day. Or a cold shower twice a week. As long as you stay committed, you can take your time. The method is not a means to an end— it’s building new healthy habits.

3. Free up space and time. This is especially important once you have decided to practice the method on a daily basis. See if you can find a quiet space in the morning to do the breathing. Communicate to the people around you how important it is for you to have your own space to breathe (literally). Wake up 20 minutes earlier and create that space. You deserve it.

4. Be ready for the ride. Wim Hof says it many times: the method is simple, but it isn’t necessarily easy. After a couple of weeks you might feel unwell, or overwhelmed by feelings of sadness. Your dreams could be more intense. This is completely normal and if this is the case, the method is actually working. During this time, you will need to be patient with your mind and body. They are healing, so just observe; know that this is part of the process, and keep going. It will get easier.

5. Make it fun. Last, but definitely not least: enjoy the ride! Sing silly songs to endure those first cold showers; share your goals and small victories on the Facebook page; listen to beautiful music during breathing exercises. For me, writing these blogs and inspiring others is a fun part of the method. Think of ways you can incorporate fun and laughter into the method. After all: Wim wants you to be strong, happy and healthy!

Bo is a freelance senior editor at Scribbr.