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New study: Could the Wim Hof Method be a remedy for endometriosis?

4 June, 2024
By Innerfire

The University of Adelaide in Australia has begun a pilot trial investigating how Wim Hof Method practice might alleviate symptoms of endometriosis— a medical condition whereby cells similar to those lining the uterus grow in other parts of the body, causing symptoms like period pain, fatigue, and even infertility.

This condition affects millions of women globally, and while there are several different treatment methods available, these are not effective for everyone. If the Wim Hof Method proves effective in managing the pain that comes with endometriosis, that could potentially bring tremendous relief to all the women who have thus far found no effective remedy.

“During our 12-month trial we will gather data on the efficacy of the WHM in people with endometriosis and its impact on outcomes relating to pelvic pain, psychological status, endometriosis lesion characteristics, autonomic nervous system and endocrine system responses, and innate immune responses,” says lead researcher Mark Hutchinson.

The pilot study is a setup for hopefully a larger clinical trial down the road.

This story was originally published by the University of Adelaide.

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