Wim Hof Method

A Stark Reminder

28 April, 2022
By Wim Hof Method

A harrowing incident in England has crudely reminded us of the perils of cold exposure.

The Daily Mail reports that a 39 year old mother of three has sadly passed away after entering a river, as part of a cold water therapy camp.

Incidents like this are fortunately rare, but cold exposure remains a delicate practice. One that requires a high level of expertise in order to adequately and responsibly teach to others. Unfortunately its popularity has led to an upsurge in guides and classes, that often lack the requisite know-how. With no governing body regulating this, you cannot be sure what level of care and professionalism you are going to get when you sign up.

The Wim Hof Method Academy is the premiere training institution for specialized breathing and cold exposure. Instructors-to-be are thoroughly schooled in all the surrounding facets, including the underlying biochemistry; potential physiological responses and how to recognize and respond to these; dynamic guidance of groups and individuals; and much more.

If you are interested in doing a workshop that involves cold water exposure, please always look for the official Wim Hof Method name and logo, so that you are guaranteed to receive expert instruction and guidance, and minimize risk.

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