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Deep breathing exercises

Deep breathing exercises

Every system in the body needs oxygen to function properly. By breathing effectively, you provide your body with exactly the amount of oxygen that it needs. Luckily, breathing is an unconscious and ongoing process. Otherwise, we would never be able to take a break. But this also means that we do not notice if, for example, we breathe too quickly or experience a shortness of breath. Stress is often the cause of you breathing incorrectly, and as a result your body does not get the oxygen it needs. This weakens your body and makes you more susceptible to various conditions. Luckily, by doing deep breathing exercises, you are able to reduce stress and benefit from various health benefits.

The benefits of deep breathing exercises

We are always breathing and yet we are usually not aware of the benefits that certain breathing exercises offer us. There are many reasons why people should do deep breathing exercises on a regular basis. As mentioned before, the way you breathe affects your health, and by doing deep breathing exercises you affect it in a positive way! Some benefits include:

  • A lower heart rate. Deep breathing exercises eliminate stress, which is one of the many things that cause an increased heart rate. When we breathe normally, we take up oxygen and release carbon dioxide from our blood. Deep breathing exercises ensure that extra carbon dioxide is released, which tells your brain to calm down. The brain then sends this message to the rest of your body, resulting in a decreased heart rate and lower or stabilized blood pressure .
  • Control over your nervous system. There is scientific evidence that deep breathing exercises can influence your autonomic nervous system. A group of twelve people underwent an experiment to induce inflammation. The group performed specific deep breathing exercises, which resulted in fewer flu-like symptoms compared to the control group. In conclusion, the trained group was able to voluntarily activate their sympathetic nervous system.
  • An improved immune system. Eliminating stress, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, and control over your nervous system: these all contribute to an improved immune system . Additionally, deep breathing exercises also provide better sleep , which is one of the foundations of a healthy immune system, and they ensure a smoother functioning of your vital organs, including the immune system. In short, deep breathing exercises provide an enhanced immune response that quickly tackles pathogens.
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Deep breathing and the Wim Hof Method

Before you start doing deep breathing exercises, it is important to know how to breathe correctly. The Wim Hof Method will help you with that! Breathing exercises are an important part of the method. In fact, it is one of the fundamentals. The deep breathing exercises of the Wim Hof Method focus on deep and rhythmic inhalations and exhalations. They are simple but very powerful, and accessible to anybody. Try it out yourself and follow the steps of these breathing exercises. Just remember, always sit down when you do these exercises and never practice while you drive or when you are in or near bodies of water. By practicing these breathing exercises, you voluntarily induce a brief stress response that eventually leads to greater resilience to everyday stress and greater control over your body.

Practice the Wim Hof Method

Learn how to release your inner fire and practice the Wim Hof Method. By practicing his scientifically underpinned method and using his inner fire, Wim Hof has broken several records related to cold. They do not call him 'The Iceman' for nothing. Wim made it his mission to share what he has learned over the years with the rest of the world. With the specially designed online video courses, you will learn how to control your body and mind from within the comforts of your own home. In time, you will be able to achieve extraordinary things yourself, things you never thought you were capable of doing.

The three pillars

As mentioned before, deep breathing exercises are a fundamental part of the Wim Hof Method. Together with two other pillars, it forms the basis of the method. Cold therapy is one of those other pillars. It underpins various health benefits, including reduced inflammation , and decreased muscle soreness. The third pillar, commitment, is needed to get the most out of your practice. Together, these three pillars will help you unlock a range of incredible benefits. Already thousands of people practice the method and share how it positively affects their lives. Join them today!

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