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Burnout treatment

Feeling drained all day, having trouble sleeping, and constantly doubting yourself. These are just a few of the complaints that people with burnout have to deal with. Whether these symptoms are due to job-related matters, a family affair, or any other emotionally impacting event, recovering from it can take months, sometimes even years. It is a journey with many obstacles, but recovery is possible with proper burnout treatment. The Wim Hof Method can help you with your recovery. With the techniques you master through the method, you will learn how to manage stress, sleep better, and improve your mental health. This way, you gradually conquer your burnout symptoms and regain your old outlook on life.

How to relieve your burnout symptoms

Do you feel like you are about to burn out, or do you already suffer from burnout? Then you need to act, if you have not already. For example, do not isolate yourself. Self-isolation is a common symptom of burnout, but try to prevent it by reaching out to others. Something as simple as a quick phone call with a close friend or family member may already be enough to help you feel less burnt out. In addition, we list two other activities you can do to relieve your burnout symptoms.

Breathing exercises

Many people with burnout symptoms breathe at rest as if they are in danger. They suffer from high and rapid breathing —if not hyperventilation— without being aware of this. Fortunately, many breathing techniques help you gain control and awareness of the situation. A great example is Pranayama breathing. With this technique, you learn to control your breathing, resulting in more energy and better overall health.

Cold therapy

Cold therapy is a great way to provide relief for people with burnout or stress-related complaints. For instance, it ensures the production of endorphins, also known as the feel-good chemicals in the brain. You will see that after a cold therapy session, you feel relieved and happy.

How to relieve your burnout symptoms
Find the burnout treatment that works for you

Find the burnout treatment that works for you

The Wim Hof Method also helps you to relieve burnout complaints. To illustrate, the breathing exercises of Wim’s method show many similarities with the previously mentioned Pranayama breathing. In combination with other elements like cold therapy, the Wim Hof Method is an excellent addition to your burnout treatment. More benefits reported by practitioners are better sleep, quicker recovery after physical activities, and increased concentration. There are also multiple scientific studies on the method, which prove the positive effects of the method. Gain extra information about the science behind the Wim Hof Method here.

Practice the Wim Hof Method

Are you ready to experience the positive effects the method brings to your physical and mental health? Then start practicing the Wim Hof Method today! Getting started is easy and without obligation when you join our free Mini Class. Ready for more? Then our Fundamentals video course is the choice for you. Learn from Wim Hof himself in 10 lessons how to master the different elements of the method.

The three pillars

By combining breathing exercises with cold therapy and commitment, you take advantage of the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method. These three elements prove their effect on both your mental and physical health time after time. As already introduced, together, they bring you lots of health benefits like better sleeping habits, lowered blood pressure, and the ability to manage stress. Want to learn more about the three pillars of the method? Click the button below.

three pillars