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All your immune system needs is love

6 March, 2019
By Marco Levi

A new study from the U.S. is once again putting a spotlight on the human immune system's anthroposophical rootedness. The research shows how, at the microcellular level, women begin developing stronger immune defenses as soon as they start falling in love. A team of New Orleans Toulane University scientists, in collaboration with colleagues from the department of Psychology, Medicine and Communication studies at UCLA, analyzed the molecular impact of falling in love on 47 young women.


Results show how levels of type 1 interferon and neutrophil —protein carriers which strengthen the immune system— rise exponentially when the subject is experiencing the feeling of love; when she is “turned on” by love.
As the researchers put it: “Falling in love is one of the most psychologically potent experiences in human life. New romantic love is accompanied not only by psychological changes, but physiological changes as well”.
This process has its roots in the profound relationship between human life and nature. Nature needs love, for it is because of love that life is able to sustain itself.


Nature is only interested in one thing: life

Nature has one goal only: continuation of the species, meaning that new life is generated endlessly from life’s womb in an eternal cycle. On this fundamental principle, nature won’t listen to reason. It is therefore “natural” that, when a woman falls in love, the prospect of childbirth —albeit possibly at a subconscious level— should manifest itself. This causes her body to transform from the outset, gearing up so that life can safely thrive. The mere existence of the possibility of completeness through one another, towards a unity capable of generating life, sets in motion within the female body a series of changes that are cosmically preordained. Her genes get down to work to turn her body into armor, so that a safe birth be guaranteed for the future child. The uterus’ flesh must become the most impenetrable of shelters.


The hard way of love

This ancestral arrangement of nature and the human body recalls every way in which nature has kept working to nurture human life, and how today it is more important than ever for mankind to retrace the way of nature within ourselves. Just as Nature was the cradle of human life, its exile from it could very well mean its end. Which is why today more than ever, it is vital to nurture one’s own natural light, and one’s power, in order for nature to be embodied in human fate. There’s a hard road to travel for man to be able to find the wonders of creation once again, its inner workings hidden within ourselves, the unity of body and cosmos, held together by a universal language: love.


Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash