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Natural remedies for depression whm

Natural remedies for depression

Nobody wants to feel sad, yet we all fall victim to this from time to time. Worldwide, 264 million people experience a toxic form of persistent sadness. As a result, they deal with a lack of interest in things or experiences that once where enjoyable to them. They are victims of clinical depression. Clinical depression may negatively affect someone’s ability to function. This can last several years, with long-lasting symptoms such as persistent fatigue, concentration issues, and physical pain as a result. Even though there is no easy fix for clinical depression, there are natural remedies to help you cope. One of these remedies is the Wim Hof Method, which has proven to relieve many of its symptoms.

Causes of and remedies for depression

Better sleep

Poor sleep and depression go hand in hand. Not only does a bad sleep schedule contribute to depression, but depression can also be its cause. Good sleep hygiene is therefore vital for fighting off depression. Such hygiene is created by sleeping and waking at set times, having a consistent evening routine, and sleeping in a dark, quiet and uncluttered environment.

Less caffeine and alcohol, more ‘good mood’ food

Caffeine is a guilty pleasure, which messes with your system. Lowering your caffeine consumption is therefore important. Alcohol also is known to be a depressant, which makes you feel down and harms your brain. Ultimately, the intake of caffeine and alcohol may lead to depression and depression-related symptoms. On the other hand, ‘good mood’ foods are the way to go! Your nutrition directly affects your mood, and a balanced diet that is high in nutrients and low in saturated fat is advised. For example, research has proven that people who eat fish and nuts regularly have a lower risk of being confronted with a state of low spirits. This is because they contain a high concentration of omega-3 fats, which increases serotonin levels in the brain. Finally, an increased intake of probiotics, such as yogurt and kombucha, proves to have a positive effect on brain health.

Meditation and positive affirmations

Studies have confirmed that mindfulness practices, such as meditation, help treat depression. meditation has a powerful effect on serotonin levels in the brain, as well as on your gamma-aminobutyric acid. These neurotransmitters increase happiness and feelings of relaxation. The same holds for several breathing exercises. In addition to meditative practices, a daily list of positive affirmations stimulates happiness.

Get active and socialize

Studies have shown that physical exercise positively affects the prevention and treatment of clinical depression. This is however easier said than done when suffering from persistent sadness. It can therefore help to find an exercise buddy and to take things one step at a time. Finally, prioritize socializing. Depression and isolation often trigger one another. It helps to be surrounded by family and friends or to join a support group.

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Depression relief at home with the Wim Hof Method

’What I am capable of, everybody can learn,’ that is Wim Hof’s motto. He believes that by practicing his method, everyone is capable of achieving great things. With over 20 Guinness World Records, the Iceman is living proof of the Wim Hof Method’s potential. Studies have shown that by pushing the boundaries with his method, our overall health can be positively affected. Think of a stronger immune system to fight off pathogens, and a stimulated production of brown adipose tissue. Furthermore, followers of the Wim Hof Method have experienced numerous other benefits, such as better concentration, improved sleep, and a reduction of stress. And most importantly, scientific research has shown that depression is often accompanied by higher amounts of inflammation in the blood. As the Wim Hof Method suppresses such inflammation, it, therefore, is a great way to help relieve depression-related symptoms.

Practice the Wim Hof Method

Learning how to push boundaries has never been this easy! With the Wim Hof Method, you can follow Wim’s footsteps and make the most of your innate potential. By participating in our 10-week Fundamentals video course, Wim Hof will take you on a journey through his entire method. The course is packed with interactive video clips that teach you how to face challenges that cross your path. Download our Wim Hof Method app and get started!

The three pillars

The Wim Hof Method contains three fundamental pillars. These are breathing exercises, exposure to cold, and commitment. Combining the three gives you the power to achieve your inner potential!

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