Wim Hof Method
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Mini Class

3 videos on:

  • Explanation of the breathing technique
  • The benefits of cold showers
  • Introduction to the power of your mind
  • Available in German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese

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Here's what you learn in the 3-part Mini Class

WHM power of breathing

Class 1

The power of breathing

How we breathe has a powerful effect on our physiology. In Class 1 you'll learn the scientific breathing technique to significantly improve your energy levels. Detox the body, relieve stress and tension, and strengthen your immune system.

WHM power of cold showers

Class 2

The power of cold shower

The cold isn't as scary as you think. Gradual cold exposure, through cold showers gives your vascular system a workout, helping to burn fat & increase the 'feel good' chemicals in the brain. In Class 2 you'll learn how to improve your cold tolerance... enjoy it!

WHM power of your mind

Class 3

The power of your mind

The final piece of the puzzle and the most important, is the power of the mind-body connection. In Class 3 you'll learn about the power of intention and how to use what you've learnt in Class 1 & 2 to take back control and live your ideal life.

Here's what others have to say

Oskar, Testimonial Wim Hof
Oskar, USA
After my week in Poland, I decided to jump into the Fundamentals course. I wanted to go more in depth of what we are capable of doing if we commit to something, and learn how much our body is capable of accomplishing. Spiritually, my mind and body have been at their best stage in my entire life....
Heather, Testimonial Wim Hof
Heather, UK
Doing the Wim Hof Fundamentals Course was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I did it to test my commitment level to pushing myself even when nobody was watching. Ultimately the end result of sticking to the daily practices enabled me to use what I learned not only in my pursuit of...
Dion, Testimonial Wim Hof
Dion, USA
This man literally changed my life for the better and I will tell anybody and everybody this! My picture was taken after completing the Fundamentals course. Pretty good for a 50 year old.  
Petri, Testimonial Wim Hof
Petri, Finland
I have been doing Wim Hof Method 2+ years. I started the Fundamentals course because I wanted to deepen my practice. I had a burnout and problems with my lower back and health in general. It was possible for me to get off all the painkillers after the first week and haven't needed them since....
Jason, Testimonial Wim Hof
Jason, Canada
I was trying to overcome debilitating depression and anxiety. Depression is gone and anxiety for the most part under control. I changed my career and pursued a much more meaningful endeavour that I enjoy, my connection to family and friends are deeper. I am much more aware &...
Dan, Testimonial Wim Hof
Dan, Australia
I started doing wim hof breathing during a 7 week canoe trip and have never looked back. It has allowed me to overcome chronic fatigue, depression, IBS and several orthopaedic injuries (one which I had been told would never recover without surgery). I share Wim Hof Method with everyone who will...
Lucas, Testimonial Wim Hof
Lucas, Argentina
I was being consumed by day to day situations with work and personal relationships. I discovered the Wim Hof Method as support for a changing lifestyle. The most powerful use I have found for the breathing method is for hiking in altitude; it has helped me conquer Kilimanjaro and Elbrus. Anyone...
Radoslav, Testimonial Wim Hof
Radoslav, Slovakia
I started with cold exposure 7 years ago. I wanted to upgrade my skills as a long distance runner. I am so happy that 3 years ago I started the Wim Hof Method. Since I am doing Wim Hof Method I haven't been sick at all and my running results are far better than before.
Jerzy, Testimonial Wim Hof
Jerzy, Poland
I started the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals course to boost my immune system. It helped a lot during the last two winters. No flu, no cold. When it comes to boosting the immune system it is a great outcome for relatively light effort and I also have a better attitude to everyday life.
Leona, Testimonial Wim Hof
Leona, Czech Republic
I started the Fundamentals course because I wanted to get healthier in general plus experience something new and challenging. I fell in love with the Wim Hof Method and am breathing and cold bathing regularly. I love the combination of breathing, cold exposure and exercising.
Hannes, Testimonial Wim Hof
Hannes, Italy
A friend told me about the Wim Hof Method and I tried the breathing. I felt that this was what I was looking for. Cold showers were the most challenging for me. I kept going and after 3 months my chronic pain decreased. What I love the most about this method is that Wim doesn’t make a...
Vasek, Testimonial Wim Hof
Vasek, Czech Republic
I started to practice the Wim Hof Method a year ago and now start each day with the breathing exercise and a bath in an outside pool - all year long. This ritual gives me a perfect start and relieves me from stress, no matter how hard the day is ahead of me. I feel more relaxed, confident and...
Erlend, Testimonial Wim Hof
Erlend, Norway
I started the Fundamentals course as I was interested in building cold tolerance. The 10 min cold shower was a strange experience. I was just really surprised that this would be doable. I think also just getting so used to the cold seemed to make me more present. Since completing the course...
Nia, Testimonial Wim Hof
Nia, UK
I discovered Wim Hof after listening to the Russel Brand podcast and was intrigued about how such an ‘ancient meets modern’ technique might be able to help me with both my mental and physical health. As well as noticing benefits to my mood and slowly getting used to the cold...
Sander, Testimonial Wim Hof
Sander, The Netherlands
I have been taking cold showers almost every morning for 2 years. It gives me a good feeling starting my day with a victory, even though it is not something I always find pleasant. It is an exercise that helps you the rest of your life, with stress, panic and fear. I recommend it to everyone...
Bruno, Testimonial Wim Hof
Bruno, Portugal
In 2016 I finished my Masters with a burnout and depression. I started practicing yoga and cold showers. I also have asthma and chronic back pain. The cold showers after yoga do wonders, it brings me back to my old self, energized. I wanted to share exactly why I practice the Wim Hof Method full on!
Catherine, Testimonial Wim Hof
Catherine, Sweden
I've been dealing with stress & anxiety most of my life. A few years ago I went through several traumatic events. That's when I found Wim and his method! I feel stable, strong and happy in a whole new way. For the first time ever, I feel trust in myself and in life because I know...
Manuel, Testimonial Wim Hof
Manuel, USA
Wim Hof Method has given me very good tools to understand the real science behind the relationship of body-mind-spirit. I started to follow the Wim Hof Method deeply. I liked it very much and I really learned a lot. I liked the simple, human Wim Hof. I practice as much as I can: breathing,...
Vlastimil, Testimonial Wim Hof
Vlastimil, Czech Republic
I didn’t know much about Wim Hof. Out of curiosity I joined the Mini Class. Wow, amazing! Body and soul, healing and challenging, calming and energising, all in one. Now, after 6 months of practising, with the Fundamental video course, I am discovering new things and being able to perform...
Find your inner power WHM

Find your inner power with the Wim Hof Method

Over time, our relationship with the world we live in has changed. Our lifestyles have disconnected us from the natural environment. Because of this disconnection, our age-old survival mechanisms are no longer triggered and we’ve lost touch with our inner power.

Because we wear clothes and artificially control the temperatures at home and at work, we've greatly reduced the natural stimulation of our bodies, atrophying the age-old mechanisms related to our survival and basic function. Because these deeper physiological layers are no longer triggered, our bodies no longer utilize the inner fire that lies dormant inside our DNA. This is a powerful force that can be reawakened by practicing the Wim Hof Method.

- Wim Hof