Wim Hof Method

Three breathing exercises to boost your energy

11 December, 2023
By Innerfire

Many activities in our daily lives require a significant amount of energy; think about crucial responsibilities like working or going to school. Also, activities such as exercising, socializing, or doing chores around the house consume a lot of energy. Multiple factors ensure that the body has enough power to perform those activities, but did you know that you can also easily make your body feel more energized? Find out how to boost your energy levels with the proper breathing exercises in this blog post!

Why breathing has a connection to your energy

Breathing has a significant impact on our energy levels because oxygen is essential to the human body. Every vital organ in the body needs oxygen for proper functioning. When these organs are supplied with sufficient oxygen, they convert oxygen into energy and carbon dioxide. When you breathe out, this carbon dioxide is removed from your body.

Lack of oxygen often causes fatigue and loss of energy. Inadequate inhalation is often a contributing factor, as oxygen cannot suffuse all of the lungs. Initiate a series of deliberate, forceful breaths to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which results in a decreased heart rate and increased oxygen delivery, providing more energy and improved well-being.

Breathing exercises for increased energy

You can use breathing exercises at different times throughout the day to help you feel more energized. Presented below are three techniques that will boost your energy.

Belly breathing

This breathing technique requires minimal time and is easily applicable in different situations.

Step 1 - Close your eyes and place your hands on your chest and stomach.

Step 2 - Breathe in deeply for five seconds. Concentrate on the inhalation from your belly, and you will feel your lungs fill with air.

Step 3 - Then exhale for another five seconds. The exhalation should not be forceful but rather a natural exhalation of air from your body.

Step 4 - Repeat this for about five times or more as needed.

Double breathing

This technique rapidly increases energy levels by activating the sympathetic nervous system.

Step 1 - Take a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Step 2 - Breathe in through your nose shortly and continue with a deep inhalation through the nose.

Step 3 - Take a short breath out through your mouth and continue with a long breath out.

Step 4 - Repeat this technique several times and evaluate the effect on you.

Wim Hof Method breathing

This method works best on an empty stomach. We recommend you do this exercise when you have just woken up.

Step 1 - Get into a comfortable position on your bed or couch. You can perform this technique while sitting or lying down, but ensure your belly has enough room to breathe.

Step 2 - Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with oxygen and then let the breath out naturally, without exerting force. Repeat this process approximately 30 times in direct succession.

Step 3 - After your last exhalation you should hold your breath for as long as possible, until the urge to breathe comes up. The duration may be longer than you would expect.

Step 4 - Take another big breath and hold it for 15 seconds. Then let the air go again. Subsequently, go back to step 1 and repeat this cycle about three times.

Feel even more energetic with the Wim Hof Method

There are numerous strategies to increase your energy levels, and the Wim Hof Method is one. The method is based on three pillars: breathing, cold therapy, and commitment. These three pillars can bring about a significant impact on your energy levels. Many people already use the Wim Hof Method to improve their energy, sleep, and stress relief, among other benefits. Sign up for the Fundamentals course today and start living a more energetic life!