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They’re making a movie about Wim Hof!

31 January, 2022
By Innerfire

Wim’s extraordinary story is of course tailor-made for the silver screen, and it was only a matter of time before this would become a reality.

Produced by Genesius Pictures, the upcoming biopic will be titled The Iceman, with Academy Award winner Kevin MacDonald directing. Kevin is more than at home in this arena, having previously helmed the acclaimed documentaries Marley and Whitney —about Bob Marley and Whitney Houston respectively— as well as several Hollywood dramas. “Wim is someone who has suffered a terrible trauma – the loss of his wife – and finds an entirely new way to deal with the depression that comes with that experience. Jeff Pope has written a brilliant script – full of humour and humanity and emotions. In it we are introduced to the Dutch suburbs – a world of crazy stunts, a broken family, a love affair and an epiphany. This is a film about resilience, second chances and the amazing ability of the human body and mind to heal.”

Distributor Cornerstone describes the plot for The Iceman as follows:

"As a widower who worked as a postman and struggled to support his four children, Wim turned to the cold and breathing to find peace and strength. Locals would discover Wim delivering their letters with bare feet in the dead of the Netherlands winter, or swimming alone in ice-cold lakes. The pain forced Wim to focus, and to breathe. It wasn’t long before Wim’s seemingly superhuman abilities were discovered, and his private ritual became an overnight sensation, leading him to be known as THE ICEMAN, and changing the Hof family’s lives forever."

Attempting to grow Wim’s majestic beard in order to fill the role of the Iceman himself will be Joseph Fiennes, whom you might know from Shakespeare in Love or the series The Handmaid’s Tale. Joseph said he is very passionate about the movie, and feels honored to play Wim Hof. “His story is inspirational, at times deeply funny, searingly painful and ultimately healing. In addition to exploring his amazing feats, I hope to bring the lesser-known aspects of his extraordinary life to screen.”

The film is currently in pre-production and will start shooting in November.

We can not wait to see how Wim, his troubled past, and his epic endeavors will be brought to life!

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