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Not all stress is the same. Some types of stress that we face in everyday life are harmful to our wellbeing, while other types of stress can be healthy. For instance, chronic stress is the most harmful to our health and wellbeing. It triggers stress responses for an extended period, leaving us exhausted and emotionally drained. On the other hand, eustress can be very beneficial, and is even necessary for optimal health. When you understand your eustress level, it can help you manage other types of stress as well. The Wim Hof Method will help you turn negative stress into positive stress and raise the level of eustress in your body.

Turn your distress into eustress

Eustress and distress are two forms of stress that respectively have a mainly positive and mainly negative influence. Eustress is a recognizable form of stress for the body, and is short-lived. After sustaining such a stress boost, the body is able to fully recover. By repeating and successfully recovering from eustress, we build up more resistance to the stressor. One might say that your stress fitness increases. Distress, by contrast, is an unplanned form of stress that your body is not yet able to deal with. Distress gives a greater stress response in comparison to eustress, and you need longer to recover from it. We experience distress as a negative emotion, and a 100% recovery takes much longer than the recovery of eustress.

Whenever someone talks about stress , they often refer to the negative side of the term. However, there are certainly benefits to it. That is because stress is a natural reaction to a physical, emotional, or mental change. Your body adapts and tries to restore its internal balance. The causes of stress are endless, and vary from a good workout to a hectic working day to a bruised knee. This makes stress a natural phenomenon, and certainly not negative in all cases. Stress ensures that we are sharp at the right moment and that we can adapt to new circumstances.

In addition, everyone experiences stress differently. For example, a presentation to a full house for person A will be a lot of fun, while person B worries about it for weeks. How you react to stress sources or load is completely personal and depends on several factors. Through good self-examination, you gain insight into your sources of stress, so you can better deal with them.

By putting yourself to the test, you experience which forms of stress work positively or negatively for you. By regularly taxing yourself and recovering from it properly, your resistance to stress grows. For example, sources of distress (negative) can become eustress (positive) over time.

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How the Wim Hof Method creates eustress

The Wim Hof Method helps you to manage and increase the level of eustress in your body. By exposing your body to cold —by taking a cold shower or having an ice bath— you are constantly challenging your body. The method teaches you to focus and stay calm during the immediate stress that the cold brings. You become able to get your body under control and you will notice that you also get less affected by other stressors. Through the power in your body and mind, you can convert distress into eustress. The Wim Hof Method is a very powerful method, that can help you to feel more confident, motivated, stronger, and less stressed.

Practice the Wim Hof Method

Are you convinced of the positive effects of the Wim Hof Method? You can already start today from within the comforts of your own home! How easy is that? Practicing the method can be done by following our step-by-step video courses. Wim Hof himself will teach you how to practice his unique method and how you can increase the level of eustress in your body. The video courses are also available on the Wim Hof Method mobile app, where you get 10 one-on-one guided audio breathing sessions. Download the app to take the exercises with you wherever you go!

The three pillars

The Wim Hof Method is based on three pillars: exposure to cold, commitment, and breathing exercises. These three pillars help you to challenge your body. The combination of these three pillars is very effective for raising the level of eustress in your body. Already thousands of people have experienced the health benefits of the Wim Hof Method. Start today, and Wim Hof will guide you to a happier and healthier life!

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