Wim Hof Method

WHM Weekends

At their smaller scale, WHM Weekends offer an intimate level of interaction with Wim Hof and his daughter Laura, that you cannot get anywhere else. Receive personal guidance and feedback tailored to your situation, and ask Wim that question you’ve always wanted answered.

Wim Hof Method Center

WHM Weekends take place at the Wim Hof Method Center, which is equipped with a wide range of facilities to optimize your practice — including a breathing slash yoga space, cryo chamber, and sauna — and is surrounded by tranquil forest where your mind is free to breathe.

The Center also sits right next to Wim’s home and garden, and you will spend ample time in and around the iconic features that you will recognize from YouTube or our video courses, such as Wim’s cherished wooden barrel.

Learn how to optimize your mental and physical health, directly from the Iceman and his daughter. If you’re looking for the most personal experience, the WHM Weekend is for you.