Wim Hof Method

E-book: The Way of the Iceman

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Investigative journalist Koen de Jong was going down a YouTube rabbithole one day, clicking video after video of this crazy person performing extraordinary, bone-chilling feats.

Curiosity quickly turned to professional interest, and Koen decided to go all in. For a full year, he not only closely followed Wim, but tested out his method for himself, questioned countless practitioners, and canvassed the surrounding body of science.

The resultant findings are compiled in The Way of the Iceman: a comprehensive work, filled with valuable nuggets from the Iceman himself, that paints a full picture of the Wim Hof Method.

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Audiobook: The Way of the Iceman

Investigative journalist Koen de Jong goes embedded to shed light on the Wim Hof Method from all angles....
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