Although I was born in the UK, I grew up on the amazing Mediterranean island of Mallorca, where I still choose to have my home. From as young as 8 years old I remember teaching kids to water-ski at my Mum’s ski school so I guess I was on track as a trainer from a very young age.

I’ve always been active in terms of sports adventures and travels, living in the mountains in France for 5 years to make the most of winter climbing opportunities, skiing and snowboarding, and spending a year in Thailand to learn Thai boxing from the best.

I then trained as a kettlebell instructor in Hungary with Pavel Tsatsouline, the man who brought kettlebells to the west, and became Mallorca’s first kettlebell instructor and one of the first in Spain.

In 2010 I underwent a bit of an awakening through watching documentaries which led me to a few important conclusions.

  1. I now question everything, do my own research and don’t take anything at face value. I am what you could call a seeker of truth!

  2. I want to live in harmony with nature in a way that I can take responsibility for most of my family’s basic needs (food, energy and shelter). My wife and I are just finishing building our own off grid house in the country - a huge learning experience where I went from knowing nothing about construction to knowing… well, a lot more than nothing! Amazing what you can learn on youtube!

  3. I want myself and my family to live as healthy a life as possible, through optimum nutrition, lifestyle choices and other great tools such as the WHM.


I first found out about Wim through, surprise surprise, the Vice documentary and then interviews with him began to pop up on all my favorite podcasts. I was immediately drawn to Wim through his charisma, humility and positive energy and the important message of truth that he wants to bring to the world along with the affirmation that we can be in control of our own health.

I am very excited about teaching the method to others as it’s a great tool to show people how to take control of their health and to get away from the mentality that we need to “outsource” this aspect of our lives along with so many others “they” would have us believe! I love and believe in the idea that truly anyone can grasp and benefit from this method and am honored to be able to share it with people to help them on the path to optimal health.