I am here to enlighten, inspire, and empower those who seek to become a better version of themselves, whatever better means to them. For me, better has manifested in a multitude of forms. Because of the Wim Hof Method, I’ve taken back control of my health and fitness, said farewell to my desk chair of doom, altered my diet to better suit my lifestyle, and continue to grow stronger by the day. The method has also cultivated a personal embodiment of fierce determination and purpose, a confidence, trust or knowing that is hard to describe in words - like an artist, or creator. I feel an immense gratitude and fulfillment, an undercurrent that gives rise to a flow state that can best be described as unfettered joy. As a Wim Hof Method instructor, it is my intention to help others discover this amazing experience of absolute human-beingness for themselves. Cheers! and I'll see you in the snow.