Dominik, was born and grew up in the beautiful countryside of  southeast austria. After watching a documentary about shaolin monks in elementary school he was fascinated by the power of spiritual practise and began at early age to play with energies and focusing his mind.  Having a few experiences of consciously witnessing and realising that he was not his body in the following years he began his search by the use of various plant substances, reading books and attending seminars in the west about spirituality.

At the Age of 19 he went on his first travel and decided back than to not take on a job anymore but rather be on his own discovering the world within and without. Many more travels followed and on one of those travels he stopped at the Island of Koh phangan where he came across Agama yoga. Studying there getting a profound introduction in Yoga and Meditation he felt very blessed that this ancient wisdom had crossed his path.

Trough Agama he was also introduced to the path of Hridaya Yoga and after attending his first retreat and the initiation into the self inquiry method of ramana maharshi he realised the profoundness of those teachings and felt truly like coming back home into the heart.

In the following years he spent around 200 days in silent meditation retreats and also participated in the Hridaya Teacher Training Course.  

From the beginnig of 2016 he started to practise the Wim Hof Method additionally to his Yoga practise and found a great value and joy in the breathing exercises as well as the cold exposure. Very inspired by this Method he decided to become a Wim Hof Instructor and did the Instructors Training in 2016 which he completed succesfully.