I’ve always believed that finding a balance between Mindset, Nutricion, Physical challenge and Rest is the key to expanding our human potential.

In 2013 I radically changed direction in my life. I quit my job, working for an international commercial business. I broke up with my long term girlfriend and sold my house. It was time to get straight with myself and live my true mission; researching and collecting techniques and wisdom from all over the world to gain quality of life. On this quest I found Wim and his method. I was lucky to be part of one of the first groups to train with him to become a certified WHM instructor. Besides the cold training, I have a strong love for the deep experience of the breathing techniques and the ‘how to’ integrate it all into daily life. 
Teaching this powerful method and sharing it with you guys is a true joy.

Reviews about Daniel

"The way Daniel presents the course, both the physical and theoretical, is in such a manner that eases the ability to take on board all the information delivered. Daniel has a very open style of instructing, listening to ideas and allowing the course to be flexible and encouraging learning from the group as well his his vast experience in the subject. You can feel the desire Daniel has for instructing and it reflects upon the mood of the whole group in a very positive way."
- Ross Henderson -


"Daniel's expertise was very evident. Previously, I tried a bit of the breathing exercises on my own but I never pushed myself to the same extent as when Daniel was leading our breathing sessions.

Of course, the same applies to cold exposure. I never thought I'd be able to walk for over 10 minutes barefoot in the snow! Because of Daniel's guidance I was able to break all kinds of preconceived limits I had placed on myself."
- Tamir Sen -

"I have just got back from a life changing week in Poland learning the Wim Hof Method. Daniel played a huge part in this for me and the rest of the group, leading with passion, expertise and always a massive smile. Daniel held the space throughout the week with aplomb, directing us all to learn by doing and feeling. An obvious example of this was his ability to inject both raw energy and shamanic dexterity into the mind-blowing breathing exercises."
- Patric Fisher -