Why I became a Wim Hof Method Instructor

When I was in my 20s and 30s I worked as an officer in the Royal Dutch army and I was always doing outdoor/extreme things. In 2000 I left the army and I worked for several companies and organisations in sr. management functions. Always busy and on the run!

No stress for me, but it was there but I didn’t see it.

And slowly I saw my belly growing and I got more and more stiff. And on the couch I kept telling myself that I still could do everything in sports. But I couldn't motivate myself

Somehow it didn’t work for me in my mind, after a hard day work I couldn’t push myself to exercise.

I didn't have the energy!

Together with my wife (she's a lifestyle and weightloss coach) I went to different courses about healthy living and in 2015 I was at a book presentation.                Wim Hof was there to present his book “Ademhalen, koud kunstje”. I was flabbergasted by the effect of only 10 minutes breathing per day on cell level in your body. And the reset of your body and mind by taking an icebath.

The simplicity of his method only had 3 elements: BREATHING, COLD TRAINING, MINDFULLNESS

These 3 elements have such an impact on your health and body.

Because of the simplicity and the effect on your health and body I want to share this simple secret with everybody.

'I want to motivate people to live healthy and believe in themselves.''

If you want to get rid of your stress belly (caused by cortisol), love handles and transform yourself into a strong healthy body and mind you are at the right address. My wife and I are also Intermittent Fasting Experts.

'You can reach more if you focus!'

My personal slogan is therefore :


You are welcome to join my workshops, individualy  or in groups or individual coaching to get more out of yourself, work balance and self confidence and most important get FIT and healthy again.

As well for teambuilding and business groups! 

Join our workshops in Den Haag and get reset in a nice quiet location with a 'cold' pool in a rural setting with a beautiful view!

nICE to meet you!

Bert van den Hurk