I suffered from compulsive overeating for many years, to the extent that it almost ruined my life. I tried everything under the sun to change. I even found a diet, which relieved my food cravings, but continued my hardwired behaviour.

Discovering the Wim Hof Method was my turning point. I must admit that I was terrified, to begin with. Despite being Swedish, I had always feared the cold - so much that I even moved all the way to Australia at one point to escape it. But my continuous struggle with food was reason enough to try yet another method to “fix” myself. I thus started the cold showers and the ice baths...

It was not long until I felt the transformation. Facing the fear and discomfort of the cold was building an incredible resilience within me. I was so much stronger than I had ever thought! I was soon able to use this strength to start resisting comfort food and stick to my diet. Today, I have a healthy relationship with food. The Wim Hof Method has been a key part of my solution. 

Realising how powerful simple and natural methods can be in healing suffering, gave me a strong passion for helping others. I now travel the world as a weight loss coach, helping clients empower themselves to create lives that they truly love. 

Love, Alexia

Alexia Bjarkan