Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof Method Center


Experience your own Renaissance

Far away from any roads, towns, stores or neighbors, the brand new yet classically styled Wim Hof Method Center in the southern French Alps is your ultimate getaway.

Go for long hikes and see where your intuition takes you. Discover a profound inner peace during a deep guided breathing session. Find a clear pool or river and let the cool water bring you into the present moment. Meditate to breathtaking views on a mountaintop. As the sun sets, gather round a crackling campfire to reflect, share, and celebrate, with nutritious food and guitar strums.

Each day you get to choose your own adventure, and nourish your spirit in the endlessly varied naturescape.

The breadth and wealth of nature on offer is truly spectacular. You can walk for miles in any direction and see nothing but endless flowery meadows before you get lost in deep forest threaded by clear, meandering brooks that in turn lead to waterfalls and natural pools.

The 1800’s maison is your warm home for the duration of your stay, and its surrounding five acres of natural splendor is the playground for your body and soul. Here you have the space, freedom and quiet to explore both inward and outward.

A Journey guided by Professionals

Guiding your journey are a veteran team of Wim Hof Method instructors, with deep knowledge of and love for their craft. Through their passion and years of teaching experience, they provide you with expert guidance that is perfectly tailored to your needs and wishes.

Leandre and Stacha are the main custodians of the center. They know both the area and the Wim Hof Method like no other, and are excited to show you all its secrets.

Check out their activity pages to see the upcoming events at the Center:

Choose the adventure for You

The Center has different offerings, depending on how much you need to unplug.

You can go for a somewhat shorter trip during a 2-day WHM Weekend. Get intimately familiar with the breathing technique and cold exposure of the Wim Hof Method, and alternate these sessions with stretches of quiet and retrospection in which your discoveries and resolutions are consolidated.

If you’re looking for a truly transformative experience, you’ll want to embark on the weeklong immersion of a WHM Travel. The longer stay allows for a deeper exploration— of all the hidden trails and waterfalls, and the snowed over mountains of the southern Alps just a short drive away. But also a deeper odyssey into the soul— unearth parts of yourself buried deep under the weight of daily life.

Get ready for a Wim Hof Method experience deluxe, set in one of the most gorgeous natural environments of all of Europe, with training and guidance from the best.

Leave your daily life behind and enter this magical place for a profound sense of renewal, forging a stronger bond with both the natural world and your own self.

Come and discover the personal growth that is waiting for you at the Wim Hof Method Center in Aspres-sur-Buëch, France!