Wim Hof Method

Keep your loved ones strong, happy & healthy

Practicing the Wim Hof Method is an upgrade to your life at any age, but becomes vital when we enter into our golden years. This is when our body starts throttling down immune cell production, knees get creaky, and we have increasing trouble remembering where we left our car keys.

These ailments are soon to be knocking at the door of your older relatives, if they haven’t already. They start as discomforts, but slowly and insidiously become serious threats that degrade both their quality of life and the time you spend together.

You want for your loved ones to not just stick around for as long as possible, but for them to continue to enjoy life happy and carefree.

Made to measure

We designed the Senior Course to ensure just that: a happy, strong and healthy life for the family members who need it most.

Of course, you can’t just toss your grandma into an ice bath. The Senior Course is the Wim Hof Method adapted for the more delicate bodies of the older generation, with exercises specifically developed for them to enjoy the method at their own level and pace.

Some of the more self-sufficient retirees will be able to do the course entirely on their own, but most will need a little assistance. Your role will be to guide your mom, grandfather or uncle through their journey— helping them perform the exercises correctly, and teaching them the value and importance of the Wim Hof Method along the way.

Aging with strength & grace

With the Senior Course, you are giving the people you hold dear the confidence to go for walks without worries over breaking a hip, the mobility to cook and get dressed on their own, and the energy and clarity of mind to live their lives without the shackles of debilitation.

Wim Hof recently reached the age of wisdom himself, yet remains his strong, energetic, and healthy self thanks to the consistent practice of his own method.

Aid on every front

In this course you learn Wim Hof’s renowned breathing technique and cold therapy, adapted to a slower pace and more delicate body. When practiced consistently, the exercises offer a wide range of physical and mental benefits.

Stay Energized

Fatigue is a major characteristic of old age. The cold is an energizing force that gives a sustained burst of energy, allowing seniors to be sharp and active throughout the day instead of living from nap to nap.

Limber Up

The course exercises work as a lubricant that greases joints, blood vessels and the lymphatic system. Your family members will go from feeling like a stiff, rickety oldsmobile to a supple new race car.

Fortified Immunity

WHM practice stimulates the body to build better natural defenses. Seniors who have done the course will shake off the seasonal flu like it’s nothing, and spend that time doing things they enjoy.

Boosted Heart Health

Wim Hof Method practice has been shown to lower resting heart rate. The cold related exercises specifically massage and strengthen the blood vessels, improving cardiovascular fitness and keeping aneurysms and CVD at bay.

Extended Healthspan

With better biomarkers on every level, you don’t just live longer; you’re healthier for longer, and can spend those days living a high quality life doing the things you love.

Feeling Good

Breathing and cold exposure reduce perceived stress through the release of endorphins, that in turn suppress the feelings of depression or anxiety that old timers tend to experience over their health issues and social isolation. 

Clarity of Mind

The cold instantly clears out the cobwebs, bringing everything into sharp focus. Your elders can get back to reading a paper without losing track, and are more likely to remember sending you a birthday card!

Sleep Like a Baby

Wim Hof Method breathing is believed to flush out the amyloid protein that builds up in your brain, which in turn helps ward off Alzheimer's disease. It also gives you the deepest and most restful sleep.

Save Up

With a stronger immune- and cardiovascular system, WHM practicing seniors are less prone to falling ill, and won’t be spending as much on doctors and pills.

Hear firsthand from fellow seniors

What if I'm not sure?

Hundreds of thousands of people use the Wim Hof Method every day to live healthier, stronger and happier lives, and we are confident that it will do the same for your loved ones.

However if for whatever reason this course still leaves you or them cold after 30 days, you get your money back no questions asked.