Wim Hof Method

Music: Breath Journey

Deep, soothing melodies made by Wim Hof —in collaboration with the talented Niraj Naik, Dave Dunn and Joren de Bruin— to add that extra dimension to your breathing sessions. Sample it below:

This is a digital download that consists of three songs:

  1. The Initiation - Wim Hof, Niraj Naik (7.43 min.)
  2. The Awakening - Wim Hof, Niraj Naik (8.39 min.)
  3. Epic Mantra Mix - Wim Hof, Niraj Naik, Dave Dunn, Joren de Bruin (33.9 min.)

Format: .mp3 (zipped)

Breath Journey

Relaxing music to accompany your Wim Hof Method breathing sessions....
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