Wim Hof Method

Jonathan Walsh

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Fitness Coach

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Power lifter/Personal trainer

United Kingdom

Helping people to develop the mindset and strength that's desired to step in to their best selves.

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My Wim Hof Method journey started 3 years ago, once I stopped boxing due to a injury that left me unable to compete. I have always lived a high adrenaline life and having to stop boxing after 15 years got me searching for a new release. Thankfully, my brother introduced me to the Wim Hof Method. Breathwork and cold water exposure filled that void and so much more. 

My purpose is to now serve others and provide the tools for people to become the best versions of themselves and discover what it means to be alive and a part of this human experience.

At my events, there will be practices such as yoga, breathwork and cold water exposure.

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