Wim Hof Method

Jan van Nieuwenhuizen

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Fitness Coach
First Aid

Training Specialty:
Personal trainer, lifestyle coach

Leusden, Netherlands

25years of experience in health sector as fitness/group instructor, Personal trainer lifestyle health/coach, health management

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Started my journey with a fundamental class in 2016 with Daniel Klukken, who kept me under his wings as coach when needed. Repeated the class in 2018 and added the advanced class. After the advanced class i deepend my practioner skills and applied for the upcoming modules to become a instructor in 2022. Due to personal events i witnessed the power of the Method first handed and i'm motivated to the fullest to share that with all of you! The Method isn't just a class it will change your life just by one breath at the time. And we're only doing it for 20.000 times a day so imaging the benefits when i can offer you the tools to upgrade the way of breathing.    

Jan van Nieuwenhuizen

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