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Wim Hof Method

Chewing Lam

Level 2

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Training Specialty:
Martial Arts trainer: Muay Thai Boran, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, Boxing

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Je kan iets niet vinden, als je niet weet dat je het kwijt bent.

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As a martial artist you do not quit of give up. So fighting has been my main focus. While fighting against the cold was my first reaction, I could not win against the force of nature. Letting go of the fight and accepting the cold, is really what changed me, creating balance mentally, egoless and been able to become friends with the cold instead of fighting it. I have been able to reconnect deeply with myself. And found what I never knew I had lost. I’d like to share my love, compassion and the Wim Hof Method to every loving soul, creating a better life for yourself & your loved ones. Please help spreading the love, happiness and health. Start with yourself!

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