Hello Everyone!

I am Benjamin, a philosopherathletementor, who is seeking out the truths of this wonderful world we live in.   I attended Florida State University to play men’s lacrosse.    I was awarded FSU's Defensive Player of the Year in 2010 and a Team Captain my senior year.  After graduating from FSU with a bachelor’s in Philosophy I became focused in teaching corrective exercise.  Our bodies are designed to move and so I became very interested in the biomechanical laws that govern our anatomy.  That was the beginning of this journey I’ve been on for the past three years to “figure out” the body.  I have attended courses ranging from Thomas Myer’s BioPlasticity to Dr. Pavel Kolar’s Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) from the Prague School of Rehabilitation.  I am constantly learning new information and love to share what I learn.

That’s when I first discovered Wim Hof.  Wim immediately blew me away with his accomplishments and feats of strength.  Wim lit a fire in my spirit to push myself further than I ever thought possible.    He changed my life for the better and is delivering a message that resonates deeply with me.  I knew that I wanted to help deliver this message and so I embarked on this path of becoming a WHM Instructor.

After practicing the method your increased ability to manage stress is undeniable.   The daily stressors that used to get underneath my skin are now just a breeze.  I have yet to find another method that teaches you how to deal with large volumes of stress immediately.

I look forward to sharing the WHM with each of you and to continue to build a happier, healthier, and stronger planet together!

 Who can I help?

-Beginners who are interested in getting a feel for the cold.

-Advance Practitioners who are interested in pushing to new depths.

-Professional Athletes who are interested in fine tuning their performance.

-Anyone dealing with chronic stress and/or needing a mental reset.


-Private / Group

-Future Travel Retreats