Jurcell Virginia - WHM Academy Instructor

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Target audience: Business executives, entrepreneurs and anybody who wants to achieve something
Current job: Private Equity Executive

Jurcell focuses on the application of Iceman techniques in business and performance driven environments. He has developed a framework that lays down a path to your inner source of leadership and creativity. The goal is to unlock the full potential within yourself. Typical questions include How do you achieve an optimal state of mind? Prepare yourself to give it your best shot? Calm yourself down during moments of stress? Increase your energy level? Find the balance between making and letting it happen? Physiological benefits include increased energy level, reduced stress, better sleep quality and methabolic improvement (i.e. the way your body stores and uses energy).

Jurcell completed the WHM Academy instructor exam in February 2017. He has been working in the international financial industry for more than 20 years. He has an academic background (Masters Econometrics). During his life he performed many competitive sports. Today, he is a fanatic golfer and has been practising martial arts for the last 10 years as student of Muramatsu Sensei (Author of Budo, Karate and Kata training). 

Jurcell Virginia