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Wim’s story

A quick view about Wim Hof, better known as the Iceman. From a circus artist to a scientist.

Scientific Proof

See the dr. Pickkers and dr. Kox talking about the research of the WHM…

The power within, why going out of the comfortzone

As we as humans developed a different attitude toward nature around us we actually forgot one thing: "the innerpower" The relationship by our physiological mechanisms to adapt and survive within our natural environment is direct and effective. Because of wearing clothes and conditioning of temperatures at home and work, we changed the stimulation on our body, thus the old mechanisms related to survive and function. As these deeper physiological layers are not stimulated anymore we alienate from them, thus weaken our bodies and take away the secret of our inner power. The inner power is a force accumulated by full awakened physiological processes. It goes upto the very core of the DNA:

Wim Hof , Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method video course is based on
three powerful pilars

  • Cold Therapy

    The cold is the best trigger to improve the vasculair system to its best. Gradually and determined we will get the 125.000 kilometers of blood vessels in the right shape.

  • Breathing

    Because of our lifestyle we breathe shallow. Our breathing techniques scientifically studied show that we generate a whole lot more energy and therefore life quality.

  • Commitment

    The techniques within the cold and breathing effectively need commitment. With this you can go into any depth of your physiology. It is your choice now.

“Feel strong, happy and healthy…” Wim Hof 

By combining the 3 pillars you directly feel the benefits

  • Sleep like a baby

  • Feel feather light

  • Recharge your battery

  • Feel more creative

  • Reduce your stress level

  • Regulate your Temperature

  • Recover faster

  • Get rid of cold hands

  • Feel like a champ

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What can you learn in this video course?

Cold (shower) therapy


  • How to train your (125.000 km) veins for better bloodflow
  • How to get more energy to train with warm and cold showers
  • Lower your heart rate and feel more relaxed
  • How to challenge yourself and overcome fear of the unknown
  • How to get rid of cold hands and feet
  • How to improve your sleep quality and wake up with full energy
  • How to feel stronger and get rid of your jacket :)

Power Breathing Exercises


  • How to get relaxed and comfortable in the mind
  • How to get more energy and perform better
  • How to get your body alkaline and recover faster
  • How to release happy hormones
  • How to get easily in a meditative state of mind
  • How to get rid of stress and worries

WHM Physical Exercises


  • How to get a flexible and lean body
  • How to optimize the blood flow in your joints
  • How to find balance and feel stronger
  • How to do more push ups without air in the lungs
  • How to activate your body to feel free in the mind
  • How to get rid of physical blockages
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What do you get when you start today:

  • Step-by-step 10-week video program
  • Workbook to track your progress and results
  • Personal video training by Wim Hof himself
  • One year full access. Follow the program on your own pace
  • Available on all your devices (mobile, tablet, desktop computer)
  • Extra Bonus videos, documentation and 2 ebooks: “Wim Hof Method” en “becoming the iceman”
  • Exclusive access to the closed Facebook community to aks questions and share your experiences with other members

Bonus Features:

Bonus: Ebook Wim Hof Method

Bonus: Never seen before footage of "The Iceman"

Bonus: Ebook becoming the Iceman

Exclusive access to our closed Facebook community

Happy users of the Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method video course is now available

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Most Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow much time do I have to invest in this course

    The daily investment is one hour of your time. results. For those who can’t make it for an hour we have two special videos of 4 minutes and 10 minutes. You have acces for one year so you can follow the course in your own pace.

  • q-iconIs the method a cure for my disease?

    No, the method is no medicine or a magic formula to cure disease. But this method can make you stronger. We are doing scientific research to the effects of using this method. Our aim is to prevent and reduce diseases.

  • q-iconIs this course available on mobile devices like my smartphone or tablet?

    Yes, you can follow the course on your computer and all mobile devices with an internet connection.

  • q-iconIs this course available in my language?

    Right now the course is in English. It is easy to follow. Wim speaks slowly and shows you how to do the exercises.
    Soon available in German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

  • q-iconI have not so much experience with physical exercises. Is this something for me?

    Everyone on each level can join this course. It doesn’t matter if you are athletic or not. We teach you step-by-step how to do the exercises.

  • q-iconCan I interact with other members of the portal?

    Yes, if you are in the course you can leave comments and questions. You can ask questions directly to Wim and other members.

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My goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.
I am using the Wim Hof Method to perform better and recover faster during my runs in the (cold) water. Thank you for this powerful method Wim.

Maarten Hermans