See Wim Hof Live!

The Wim Hof Experience is a 1-day inspirational event that helps you master your inner strength by profound breathing exercises and cold exposure. If you've ever wanted a science-backed, heart-centered approach to improving your mind, body, effectiveness and performance, this is it.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to be the manager of your energy
  • How to feel energized and full of life within minutes
  • How to boost your body’s alkalinity for super fast recovery
  • How to lower your heart rate, banish stress, and feel more relaxed
  • How to get rid of physical blockages

Join Wim for these one-of-a-kind events & learn to unleash the power of your mind!

Tour Dates

Tickets are now on sale for the following locations:

  • Munich — Sunday February 10 — SOLD OUT
  • Amsterdam — Saturday February 16 — SOLD OUT
  • Barcelona — Sunday February 17— SOLD OUT
  • London — Saturday February 23 — SOLD OUT
  • Reykjavik — Saturday May 18

20% group discount available for 5+ tickets.
Email for details.

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect

Wim will explain the three pillars of his method — the breathing technique, cold exposure and mindset — and the science behind it all.

There will be a breathing session to break up the day and the event will be capped off with a voluntary ice bath!


Hear about Ben's experience at the Wim Hof Experience event in London.