Requirements to become a WHM Certified Instructor

  • Minimum 2 years in teaching/coaching experience in relevant working environment (e.g. teaching adults)

  • Excellent teaching and/or coaching skills

  • Commitment to the principles of Innerfire and to the Wim Hof Method

  • Agree to the WHM Manifesto

  • First Aid Certificate (specifically CPR) *new requirement for 2019*


Required WHM Academy Training Modules

The Academy program consists of three Modules –  Basic, Advanced & Master. To become certified, all three must be completed successfully. 


Time Investment Academy

Duration: 8 till 10 months

Study load: 180 Hours (contact-hours, own practice, homework and exercises)


Note: In 2019, for the first time, we are opening up the Advanced Module to people who want to deepen their understanding of the WHM, but not necessarily become an Instructor.

If you would like to only register for the Advanced Module without the intention to become an Instructor, you can do so below. However, it is not possible to change your mind at a later date as there are certain up-front requirements that must be met.

Priority will be given to those who wish to become an Instructor.

Note: The WHM Academy is only taught in English.

Note: This course is not intended for people while pregnant or when having epilepsy. Persons with cardiovascular health issues, or any other (serious) health conditions, should always consult a medical doctor before starting with the Wim Hof Method


In 2019, the Advanced and Master Modules will be held in two continents; Europe and North America.


Advanced Module

North America
Location: Los Angeles
Dates: March 30-31
Price: 699 EUR

Register - North America

Location: Stroe, The Netherlands
Dates: March 2-3 & March 16-17 & July 20-21
Price: 699 EUR
Note: Lunch is included in the cost of the Advanced Module, accommodation is not. Course material is included.

Master Module

North America
Location: USA | Washington State
Dates: August 25-30
Price: 1,899 EUR

Location: Mediano, Spain / Poland
Dates: September 29 till October 4 (Spain) & November 29 - December 4 (Poland)
​Price: 1,899 EUR

Note: Food and accommodation are included in the cost of the Master Module. Course material is included.

Note: Currently the advanced courses are fully booked, to register your interest for the next Academy intake, complete this registration form

For additional questions please contact