Wim Hof Academy

We have an international team of certified WHM Instructors who teach the Wim Hof Method across the world. In order to do this effectively and responsibly, each prospective Instructor must complete our WHM Academy program, which consists of three separate Modules that together cover all the ins-and-outs of the Method, and provide an in-depth understanding of the physiological mechanisms at play.

In order to become an Instructor, you must have at least one year of experience in teaching and/or coaching adults. An official degree is not required, but you must clearly demonstrate the ability to confidently and competently guide a group of trainees.

When you have successfully completed the program, you will receive an official WHM certificate, accrediting you to provide WHM services for one year. This also means you then represent the Wim Hof Method brand and image, and must take care to always present yourself and your services accordingly.

When the year is up, you must renew your certification by participating in a mandatory refresher course to polish your knowledge and skills.

Please find more information on the individual Modules below, or click here for a downloadable file with all the specific requirements.

The 2017 Modules I & II in the U.S. and Australia are completely filled, and we cannot offer any additional spots. You can fill out this form if you are interested in applying for any of the future Academy Courses, or if you would like to be considered as a reserve candidate in the event of drop-outs.


“The Iceman” Wim Hof has baffled scientists for years with his ability to endure extreme temperatures and altitude. His secret lies in a method that mirrors the hard effects of nature to the innate immune system. Our bodies evolved to survive in a wide range of environmental conditions, but most people live in a very thin band of comfort. In order to re-discover the body’s potential you need to increase the types of stimulation that your body feels. This means getting just a little bit out of the comfort zone. Nature taught Wim to control his internal thermostat and you can, too. Wim is not exceptional. As he often says “What I am capable of, anyone is.”

In 2017 we will start a new English Trajectory in Europe (Holland), USA and Australia. The Advanced Module will be held by one of our instructors trained by Wim. Wim will be partly present during the Master Module. If you have the acquired backround (teaching and/or coaching skills) and want to sign up for the Academy, you can click here


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