Wim Hof Method
7 Lessons
Length 00:54:51
Beginner level

Wim Hof Online Seminar

  • Full recap of the live seminar
  • Explanation & instruction from Wim Hof
  • Comprehensive science presentation
  • Q & A

Relive Wim Hof's online seminar

On January 6, 2024, Wim Hof invited everyone willing into his home to join him for an online seminar, where he would wax on the idea behind his method, show the techniques and practice together with the audience, and answer questions asked live on stream.

The seminar was a smash hit, and the recording is now finally available to everyone who missed the live session, wants to relive being in the room with Wim, or take notes on the in-depth science presentation.

In this 2-hour seminar you get Wim’s latest take on the mind body connection, and how to harness that power. Learn about interoception & proprioception, alkalinity vs. acidity, how you can interface with your nervous and endocrine system through your mind, manage suppressed trauma, and find your inner fire.

Set yourself on your comfy couch and get ready to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before, as Wim Hof guides you through an intense multi-round breathing session that is sure to drop you off on another planet.

And if you are one of those folks who likes to get down to the last detail when it comes to the physiology underlying the Wim Hof Method, then this seminar is for you.

Our resident expert Dominique Stulens examines and explains the significance of the studies done on the Wim Hof Method, covers the various brain regions that are activated during Wim Hof Method breathing, and dives into all the compounds and processes at work to uncover how it is that Wim Hof Method practice so profoundly affects our mood, emotions, sleep, and immune system.

Relive the 2024 Wim Hof Live Seminar