Wim Hof Method

Andrea Garrington

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Fitness Coach

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Open Water Swimming Coach. British Triathlon Coach. NLP Practitioner. Insights Discovery Practitioner. Life Goal Setting/Planning

Vale of Glamorgan, UK

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Hello, my name is Andrea, I live in Wales very near the sea.  I spend as much time in, on or beside the ocean either as an open water swim coach, beach lifeguard or of course just enjoying the buzz of immersing into the cold, cold sea:)   This passion led me to the WHM, initally to understand more about the science behind the benefits of regular cold exposure.  I didn't expect to be blown away by the benefits of Breathwork and an appreciation of having a solid Mindset.  As soon as I started to practice the WHM and appreciate its full benefits, I knew I had to become an Instructor and share this amazing life tool.

Andrea Garrington

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