I have always been a health and fitness enthusiast. So when I first heard about Wim Hof and the Wim Hof Method (WHM), I was fascinated by the man and his incredible feats.  At the same time I maintained a healthy skepticism about his claims of miraculous health benefits. 

In November of 2015, I had the opportunity to travel to Poland for a week and learn first hand.  It was a truly life changing experience for me and I have been practicing the WHM ever since.  The beauty of WHM is that it involves the most basic, primal human processes, while at the same time being innovative and on the cutting edge of health and fitness.  The benefits are immeasurable, as there is always room to further perfect the practice.  Furthermore, the mind-body connection is undeniable and may provide a spiritual component that so often eludes us. 

I am fortunate to have learned from Wim himself and am proud to be one of the first certified trainers in the US.  The WHM is a powerful and profound practice and can be done by anyone who is committed.  I am available for personal instruction and group workshops.

Tom Somboonchoke