"Martin’s gentle approach and attention to detail create the backbone for an effective teaching style. His knowledge and understanding of the Wim Hof Method really helped set the tone for a wonderful experience on my retreat in Poland. In fact, he led me to one of my most profound breakthroughs during an outdoor meditation session and really helped me maintain my focus while summiting Mt. Snezka".
– Reis Paluso [US]

"Martin, you were an outstanding instructor in our Polish Workshop on Feb 2017. I was constantly amazed your in-depth knowledge of the Wim Hof method and your willingness to answer any questions. I hope that we will meet again in another workshop. From the heart, Mihaly".
– Mihaly Kun [Hungary]

"It was a true pleasure to get to know Martin Petrus and being instructed by him during Deep Dive Experience in Poland. The entire experience has been amazing, I have learnt more than I ever expected in relation to mastering cold, control of my body and its physiology as well as my inner strength and potential! Being able to meditate with Martin outside in the snow without a top on for 20 min. and feel Innerfire speaks for itself.
Thank you Martin for sharing who you are, your calmness and warmth are contagious. You are truly inspirational being. I hope to learn from you in the future".
– Anna Minkus [UK]

"I had the opportunity to meet Martin during a 5-day Wim Hof training. As an instructor, he taught me how to fully control and relax my body under -15 degrees. It has been an amazing and unique journey to understand the limitless of your mind. I strongly recommend Martin if you want to learn about your mind and how your body can deal with extreme temperatures".
– Benoit Fab [Canada]

Martin Petrus Wim Hof Method

Martin Petrus Wim Hof Method

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