We have got so caught up living our lives in constant stress and fear that we have accepted it as the norm.  I am here to tell you that there is a lot more for us out there.  That we can overcome our fears and become the people that we truly are deep down inside, the people that we want to be.  Its all within our power and the WHM can give us the tools and the guidence to get there.   

Working in a very stressful environment, my life took a dramatic change as I was introduced to the WHM.  I was able to find space and clarity, to become a better father and husband and realize that we only get one life; better enjoy it.  I now have walked away from that part of my life and find great pleasure teaching and instructing people in the WHM.

My background is in Exercise Physiology where I have a Masters Degree and have trained various elite athletes over the years.  However, whilst I enjoy helping and training athletes, I am most passionate about training everyday people in the WHM.  People like me, people that it can make a huge and profound difference too.  


Luke Rosenberg