"Your strength was in your ability to transmit calmness and serenity, by being empathic with the whole group. You could really feel in the tone of your voice, that everything you said came from self experience and the need to share that love that you discovered to everyone. Also you heard us, felt us and loved us without having met before. Thank you. You did an incredible work, keep spreading it" - Carolina

"My winter experience in Poland was life changing, and I have many thanks to give to the instructors. Joren was able to motivate, inspire and encourage me from day 1 doing the first round of breathing to climbing mt. Sniezka. Truly awesome!" - Dan

Enhance your physical and mental prowess, improve your overal quality of life, boost your immune system, learn while having fun together, take over stressresponses, dive into a deep control in the connection with body and mind and experiencing deep inner peace: that to me is the essence of the Wim Hof Method.

Because of my positive experience with the WHM, I’ve made it my mission to share these simple yet powerful techniques with whoever is interested. With a history in professional sports (soccer & futsal), a bachelor degree in applied sciences, and more then four years of experience in practicing the WHM, I now internationally gained experience in sharing these simple yet powerful techniques with the world. 

            I found this method after having fallen prey to a hernia. After one and a half years of ever-increasing pain, loss of physical abilities, and ultimately no remedies from the world of conventional medicine, I felt after just one meeting with Wim that these techniques might offer a solution. The techniques proved very effective indeed, and their application was remarkably simple to boot.

After a month of complete collaboration of body and mind, I noticed that the pain subsided and I regained full freedom of movement. This is still true to this day. It was an experience that gave me a better ear for the signals my body was sending me, and how to turn them into my ally. I conquered fears, relieved pain, was able to minimize stress, gain more energy, shorten the recovery process for various (sport) injuries, and increase my mental and physical endurance. I’ve since had the privilege to personally support Wim for years during his workshops and travels and became a certified Instructor. I apply elements of the WHM in my daily life for various (health-related) instances and have been leading international groups of people from all over the world. It’s been a special, illuminating journey, full of new insights and I'm still learning every day. The journey inwards continues to be a daily breath of fresh air and my enthusiasm to bring this method to others has only grown bigger.

Through international one on one coaching (In London, Amsterdam or on Skype), workshops, deep dive weekenders and expeditions I share all my knowledge and experiences. It's my aim to have plenty of room for personal attention, guidance and feedback, but in which the application and experience of the Wim Hof Method is the central feature. I'm specialized by experience, through professional sports and psycholigywise, on what the influences are to maintaining a rhythm of daily practice once you've learned the techniques.

Uniquely I guiding breathing sessions with live handpan music instrument and will learn you the various breathing- and concentration techniques of the WHM, directly possible to apply once being back home.

All possibilties to experience profound control within your own mind-body connection. On feeling & with full care, releasing your own innerpowers, while having fun and rediscovering we're able to do more then we think we can!

One on One coaching

  • Live in Amsterdam or possibly in London
  • Through Skype
  • Internationally
  • Free intake session to get to know you and to listen where you want to be coached in.


Within this workshops I'll share you my knowledge and experience and there will be plenty of room for personal attention and feedback, but in which the application and experience of the Wim Hof Method is the central feature. You'll learn various breathing- and concentration techniques, directly possible to apply once being back home. Also we'll tap into how you can integrate the WHM in your daily life, to maintain a rhythm of regular practice. We'll top off the day with the possibilty to experience the icebath under my guidance. A possibilty to experience profound control within your own mind-body connection. All on feeling & with full care, releasing your own innerpowers, while having fun and rediscovering we're able to do more then we think we can!

For deep dive weekenders and expeditions check out my upcoming activities or follow me up here: https://www.facebook.com/whmbreathingandrhythms

Happy Hoffing to all of you, from the heart!