I have been working with Wim Hof Method since 2010. I am head instructor and I was one of the first WHM instructors. I'm learning more about the method every day, which makes my workshops more and more efficient and powerful.

Questions that concern me, excite me to keep learning, keep me out of my comfort zone and continue to stretch my limits are:

  • How do I optimize my health?
  • How can I control my internal processes?
  • How do we find peace and balance?
  • What are we capable of as human beings?

With my understanding of the body and mind, my own experiences, and my knowledge of science, I succeed in challenging the status quo. Recent examples are running a double marathon without physical training, not eating for 10 days, climbing a snow-covered mountain in only shorts and resist unprecedented acidification during a sports test.

Since my childhood I have been involved with mental strength. I practiced my first meditation when I was seven years old. From my adolescence till now I have studied all the groundbreaking methods and still do.

Jerome in actieI am trained as manager and engineer and have more than 10.000 hours of experience in managing, coaching and training of people of all ages. In the Wim Hof Method, many of these insights come together and make me, as a teacher, effective, powerful and unique. I would like to share and transfer this knowledge to you so you can benefit from it. I hope to see you soon!

Participants describe my training as unique, safe, humorous and effective.