For the last twenty plus years, I have been searching, studying & seeking a better way to be... a better way to walk through life.  I have encountered practices involving breath.  I have encountered meditative practices.  Then, I came across cold shower challenges on the web with its reported benefits.  

Effective as they are in their own right, when combined, as done in the WHM, they create a synergetic effect with potential for extensive mind-body improvements & connections, 

to break out of old patterns, to expand personal comfort zone boundaries, and to become less dependent on external circumstances (for our internal emotional states). 

There are techniques & methods for dealing with frustrations & anxieties triggered by undesirable situations.  That’s all right, but at that point you’ve already lost self-control (you’re already frustrated/anxious against your will), and have been put in a place of having to struggle (& expend energy) to regain self-control, as well as already having a cascade of stress & inflammatory processes that were also concomitantly triggered.

I believe there is a better way:

    a way in which you commit time for consistent (sustainable) regular practice.

    To work toward transforming yourself to the very core of how your brain & nervous system respond to external stimuli

    To work toward getting to a place where you do not find yourself having to struggle to control your emotional response to negative external stimulus to a much greater degree.  

    To work toward getting to a place so that you, across the board, find yourself feeling & responding differently to things (traffic, work deadlines, future financial concerns, etc.) that in the past brought about responses & emotions like fears, frustrations & anxieties.  


NOTE:   I am not able to edit Workshop postings once posted by WHM support.  I may need to close an event early if I do not have sufficient number of seats filled (usually ZERO) even before the day that may have been stated in the posting where it involves significant dollar amount of non-refundable deposits for space reservations & such.  Of course, I want to avoid having to do this & keep notifications in the postings as accurate as possible.