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Stronger, Happier, Healthier

As an "Optimal Living" advocate, I am always exploring ways to be, and feel, my ABSOLUTE BEST!  Being and feeling my absolute best supports me with experiencing life as fully as possible and with feeling as ALIVE!!! as possible.

Once I experience what works, I do my best to share the practices with others.  Because... when you feel great, life is greater, isn't it?  Great begets great...

Who doesn't want to do great things and be around others that are doing great things? 

After developing my own program that involves eating, acting, and thinking to promote optimal living and an optimal world, I discovered a few more pieces to the "feeling optimal" puzzle: the 3 pillars in the Wim Hof Method.  Now, in additon to good nutrition, exercise, and different forms of meditation, I have incorporated breathing and ice immersions into my "acting" and "thinking" practices. 

Once you experience the breathing, the cold, and the commitment, you will know and you will understand how the Wim Hof Method is a must for your "Next Level" training.

Since learning the WHM, I have taught athletes and non-athletes how to use the WHM to their advantage.  Often, this means how to use the WHM to increase energy, focus, and relaxation.  And, in the athlete's case, how to be an Undefeated Champion. 

I had the pleasure of being an integral part of the undefeated, GBO, Super Middle Weight Champion's training camp for his December, 2016 fight. 

His opponent never had a chance.  

Now it's your turn.  Let's work together to get you to your NEXT LEVEL.


Gabriel 'Melkemis' Perez

Fight Weight Diet, CEO

Wim Hof Method Certified Instructor




Gabriel 'Melkemis' Perez