Hello, I am Elizabeth Lee a.k.a, ‘Elee’. I am a WHM (Wim Hof Method) Instructor at 'Vital – Center for Mind/Body Health' in Denver, Colorado. I have been a passionate student of the energetic arts since an accident over 10 years ago, which resulted in many shattered bones and a collapsed lung. In my personal journey for healing, I found a home in the Bowspring at Vital, alongside the WHM in 2013 and have been elevating my quality of life ever since.  

I deeply appreciate the WHM for its simplicity and effectiveness. Nevertheless, I know from experience that cold training and breath-work is potent medicine and maybe not so easy. As a native Texan, who at one time couldn’t swim in cool waters even in the summer due to hyper-sensitivity, I completely understand any concerns about cold water immersion and I can now assist in turning those sensitivities into strengths. I approach the breath-work the same, through the art and gift of subtle sensitivity and awareness. I aim to meet each Being right where they are as we explore the wonders of unlocking of own innate ‘superness’. My intention in offering the WHM is to pass on the light of inspiration to further promote powerful goodness in the hearts of humanity.

Individually: Happy, Healthy, Strong. Universally: Harmonious!  

With a Radient Heart and bright bow.