Daniel Cortez’s goal is to provide value to others by helping them become happy, healthy, strong, and resilient in the face of life's challenges.  A decade-long battle with chronic illness combined with a life-long obsession with optimal health and performance inspired him to change careers and help others overcome their own health and fitness obstacles.

In addition to being one of the first Wim Hof Method Master Instructors in the U.S., Daniel is a Primal Health Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, a MovNat Level 2 Trainer, and a Biomechanics student.  He is constantly keeping up with the newest research on training, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization in order to help transform his clients. 

Daniel's training, combining with his long battle with chronic illness, have given him a unique perspective on how to help clients achieve their goals.  Whether they are elite athletes, regular people, or people who are experiencing their own chronic health problems, Daniel strives to help his clients make positive changes in their lives.  Daniel coaches personal training clients both privately and at Next Level Fit in Fort Lauderdale, FL and provides comprehensive health coaching both in-person and remotely.  Daniel aims to improve his clients' health and performance with an evolutionary biology-based approach and uses every tool at his disposal.

B.A., J.D.


Wim Hof Method Master Instructor

Primal Health Coach

Certified Personal Trainer

MovNat Level 2 Trainer

Functional Range Conditioning(FRC) Trainer