When I first saw Wim in a box filled with ice on stage for a TED talk, I had to know more, it was the beginning of a journey that has taken me both deep within myself and around the world learning and teaching this simple yet effective method.

Getting real!

With a no-nonsense, yet playful personalized approach I am teaching people to cut the BS and take action.

In both the army and as a WHM instructor I have attained a deep understanding of how to move people and expand their comfort zone physically and mentally, making them believe in themselves and their abilities to breakthrough perceived limits. My goal is to help people live a fuller life with less fear and more power to take control and be present.

I know from experience, that the worst of times can be your best of times, if you change your mind-set, take action and learn how to grow from them. The Wim Hof Method is a perfect tool to expand consciousness and increase awareness of how you live both your professional and personal life.

First step to change is identifying the obstacles and then taking them on. Remember that courage is not, not being afraid - it's being afraid and doing it anyway with confidence in your abilities - this builds trust in yourself. I can help you to do that with the WHM.


From the heart






Anyone, taught at their individual level - whether you are looking to better your physical/mental performance to gain an edge in your field, you have goals for your professional or personal life or if you are simply curios to see what all the fuzz is about, I will teach you how to apply the tools.


For both beginners and more experienced participants.

Learn in a group to get the benefits of the group dynamics and have a fun day with great experiences.

1:1 sessions

Feeling disconnected? Mind? Body? Relationships? The question is, what do you do to reconnect and restore balance? I take a very personalized approach and want to assist you in reaching your goals.


Time to go deep into the method, your mind and body! My own first travel with the WHM was a game changer - the group dynamics and immersion in the tools of the method has profound effects.

Corporate team building

Time to get out from behind your desk and go outside to play! Our corporate team building programs offer employers an opportunity to increase employee happiness and health, decrease stress levels, have more energy, be more productive and have better group dynamics. Win-win!